Monday, October 17, 2005

Meet TED

You don't really start ART with high expectations, now do you? Statistically, 90% of couples get pregnant naturally within 2 years. If you're in the other 10%, you know the odds are against you. With these uplifting thoughts in the back of my mind, I went to my very first consult.

The doctor was nice enough, a bit too optimistic for my taste. A 'bit of don't you worry, we'll get this sorted in no time' kinda thing. A regular miss Sunshine.
In her defense, she's a regular ob/gyn and specializes in deliveries, not IF.

She ordered blood test for both me and DH and an analysis of DH's little swimmers.
I also had my first date with the wand. The aim of this expedition was to find out how far along I was in my cycle. She found a smallish follicle and estimated ovulation would take place a week later. To be on the safe side, she told me to come back for another blood test 9 days later.

Now I already mentioned I have irregular cycles, the extremes are 23 to 45 days, the average is 32 days. I found that BBT monitoring predicted my periods with remarkable accuracy, so I thought it indicate ovulation as well. My GP and my ob/gyn have told me that BBT is useless, because it's too difficult to interpret. But I digress.

On day 9 my temperature hadn't risen, but I went for the blood test anyway. I didn't want to be branded a rebellious patient from the outset. On day 10 (after the wand visit), my temperature did rise. So the next day I called in and went for a third blood test.

All this went on in the beginning of September. Due to work related travel , I couldn't make a follow-up appointment for the results until last week. I knew not to expect too much, but I still counted the days in anticipation.

Just to make things more interesting, my temperature increased again a week later. Of course, this got me hoping this could be a sign of implantation. Silly me, a HPT quickly brought me back to earth. I usually don't do HPT's, all those negatives are way too expensive* and, well, unpleasant. But I just had to know if I might be suffering from 'recurring chemical pregnancies' or just negatives. Glad that's cleared up. Ugh.

Over all, the results were not bad. DH got the all clear, so that is very good news.
My results didn't show any diseases either. But, ..., the blood tests didn't show any sign of ovulation. Either, nothing happened at all and the rising temperature was just a mirage. Or, I ovulated later in the cycle. Dr. Sunshine encouraged me to think the latter.

Thus, I had my first brush with TED, the bane of the IF world. Trial, Error and Disappointment. The doc tried to predict my ovulation, one of us failed and now I'm disappointed. I've been lurking the blog community long enough to know this is just a tiny peek at TED. But this is my blog, and I can whine if I want to, whine if I want to. You would whine too if it happened to you ... ;-)

Is anyone still reading this TEDious post?

* I stocked up on HPT's during my stay in the US. At 6 $ a piece, they cost between half and a third of the price I pay over here! Outrageous.