Thursday, November 17, 2005

Distracting weekend

I have a distracting weekend planned, to take my mind off the wait. Friday evening, I'm going to a college reunion. I'm meeting up with a (male) friend of mine. He has a girlfriend since a couple of months, who is incidentally also an old classmate of ours. What, it took you 4 years to muster up the courage to ask her on a date?

The next day, I'm visiting with another college friend of mine, who just had her second baby. Oddly enough, I don't feel any of the ambivalence towards her good fortune, as I do with my SILs. I'm actually looking forward to seeing her. My friend is an educated fertile, I'm her second IF friend, that helps I guess. Also, I don't feel the pressure of unfulfilled expectations as with my relatives.

In the evening, we're celebrating my grandfather's birthday with the entire family.
I haven't outed myself to the extended family, so I'll have to pull out a good excuse for not drinking any alcohol. Antibiotics are always a good excuse, if anyone gets nosy you can always start explaining what a urinary tract infection is. My relatives are very discrete so I don't expect to be grilled on the matter. Of course my uncle's new girlfriend is still a bit of an unknown. She's rather outspoken, and might start voicing expectations ... Ah, see, I'm distracted already. :-)

In stead of searching for excuses, I could also pee on a stick. The stash I brought from the U.S. says it works 5 days before your expected period (well, for 69% of women). This saturday is exactly 5 days before the expected end of this cycle.
But I don't want to test. If it's negative, I'll just hope I belong to the 30% minority and feel miserable at the same time. I can't imagine a positive result, I just can't.



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