Monday, November 07, 2005

Just waiting

The family dinner at the in laws went fine. No smacking was required, as no one came near to asking THE question to anyone.

There was surprisingly little talk about babies and pregnancy, but that suited me fine. On the drive back home, I almost had a breakdown, but fought my tears. Deep breath in, slow breath out. ...

We do need to tell the in laws what is up. The family gatherings aren't going to get any easier for me. My MIL asked me if I disliked being with them because I was so quiet.

My first u/s for this cycle is tomorrow. According to my body's signals (BBT, EWMC, ...) the egg will pop soon, perhaps before the u/s. I better not mention this to Dr. Sunshine, she's very dismissive of BBT (too hard to interpret). It is hard, but still useful in my opinion.



At 08 November, 2005 01:02, Blogger Ova Girl said...

Good luck with that ultrasound. It's good that you are on path where at least you will know what's going on. I really sympathise with the whole family thing. I have ended up just telling my in laws. My MIL is very very sweet about it, she bought me a little fertility doll. She doesn't ask me so much for details but she and my husband have a very good relationship so he tells her what's going on and I don't need to go into it. I am lucky to have a fertile SIL who is very understanding about IF (ex nurse and one of her best friends just had baby with DE at age 41. In fact, SIL gave me my first Lucrin injection and the trigger shot.

Anyway, you might find that SIL3 could be very understanding and helpful. It's very hard dealing with IF alone and esp when you have pressure from family.
Feeling for you!


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