Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Abominable Club: a Hall*mark moment

As you well remember, things didn't go quite according to the Club's plans, since my period arrived only a week after the emergency meeting.

Not a faucet

RO: Ute, you call that spotting??? Haemorrhaging is more like it.

Ute: I'm no faucet you can turn on or off at will. Besides, I've never tried spotting before.

It's okay

RO: It's okay, I forgive you darling.

C talking

Ute: Sure you do. That's not you, it's the C talking.

LO: The Fallopians and I still feel we should show our host a sign of good will.

Happy Annovulsary

LO: so we made a banner.


Another Hall*mark moment.

This is the last of it for now. No more intel has reached me, but I can tell you I've been feeling discomfort on my right side for the past three days (I'm not kidding).
Perhaps it's my right ovary sulking, or finally giving in to the power of Clo*mid? Naaah.

Tomorrow I meet with Dr. Sunshine. My goal is to get more information on the next steps (HSG, ...).


At 03 January, 2006 02:01, Anonymous Lori said...

I think you need to make these comics a regular feature! Hopefully a future edition will show Right Ovary being beaten into submission by Left Ovary.
Good luck at your appointment tomorrow with Dr. Sunshine.


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