Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My ironic ovaries are having a blast

Guess what showed up this morning? My period.
Excuse me? That's only 3 to 4 days too early. At the u/s two weeks ago, my follicles were still fairly small. So I now had a 12 day luteal phase? Last time it was 14 days, usually, it's 16 days.

There goes my drink-guiltfree-until-newyears pass. Thanks a lot, I was enjoying my break.

There goes my case for more close monitoring and perhaps even a trigger shot.

I called dr. Sunshine for my instructions this morning. Last visit, she had talked about possibly increasing the dose, if my period stayed away three weeks after the u/s. She assumes that I responded to the medication, just like last time. I'm inclined to believe her.
This being the holiday period (get it?), getting extra monitoring is a bit difficult anyway. I had made two appointments in advance, hoping that at least one would be at the right time. The first is next week, too early, so I'll cancel. The next is on January 3d, again on fateful day 15 of this brand new cycle.

This cycle strengthens my doctor's case against BBT. Although I did appreciate the heads up it gave me yesterday (sharp temp drop).

It's too soon for conclusions, but this negative strengthens me in thinking that timing is not our main issue. I assure you, we were doing our best two weeks ago.



At 22 December, 2005 21:07, Blogger ninaB said...

wish I had something intelligent and supportive to say, but i'm v. busy nursing my brooding tubes and ironic ovary.
it would be nice if, for once, our reproductive systems could cooperative and perform on schedule, but they don't. hope it all gets sorted out (and hope Santa is paying attention to your wishes).

At 24 December, 2005 01:38, Blogger Mony said...

Oh yeah. All we want for Christmas is our effing period. Thanks Santa. I just started spotting too. So Christmas Day tomorrow will include entertaining 29 family members & bleeding profusely from the uterus. Ho Ho Ho. Thanks for your comment on my blog, they are words only an infertile could truly understand. We have all been in that awful situation, countless times, when a new pregnancy is announced and our brave face is required. I haven't told my friend about my blog entry dedicated to her yet, but I will after a few wines & hope that she can be more supportive of me than I am able to be of her. At least for now. Merry Christmas my friend, and bring on 2006. xxxx

At 24 December, 2005 23:48, Blogger Lut C. said...

Thanks! I needed that. Sigh.


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