Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Did you see her go?

Whoosh. Hope dashed out the door this morning, just after my temperature dropped to the BBT cover line. I now declare this cycle officially over. I'm 'celebrating' with a glass of wine. My actual period will show up tomorrow, I suppose.

I've decided to ask Dr. Sunshine to schedule the HSG now, not after the next cycle. For one, I will be out of the country on business when the next cycle ends. Scheduling an HSG may become too difficult then. I'm frightened of the HSG, since I've heard such wonderful things about it on the internet, from friends, books and Dr. Sunshine herself. But it has to be done and I don't want to wait untill after Cl*mid cycle 5. After all, I've also read that there is a moderate increase in PG rates after the HSG, something to do with flushing out those tubes, removing debris etc.

Tomorrow, Dr. Sunshine isn't open for business. I'm not ready to call her on her day off. I'll lock horns with her the day after.

I half expect her to try and talk me out of it, or to back out of her promise. Or even better, to hear that in truth an HSG can't be scheduled on short notice, but must be booked weeks or even months in advance. Pessimistic, moi?


At 17 January, 2006 23:26, Blogger Ova Girl said...

Yeah that Hope is a flighty bitch. I'm sorry she skipped out on you.

The HSG is not as bad as it sounds. It is uncomfortable and there are plenty more fun things you'd rather be doing but it's bearable. I did a lot of controlled breathing while it happened which made me sound like I was hyperventilating and worried the staff a bit but got me through it.

At 17 January, 2006 23:57, Blogger Sparkle said...

Sorry that this cycle has ended for you.
I just got the word that I need to have another HSG - and I have to say that even though I've had one before, I'm not excited to go through it again.
As OG said, it's not that bad in terms of pain, just not a pleasant way to spend your time. I asked straight out for some valium.

At 18 January, 2006 01:07, Blogger Roma Tekovi said...

Consolation prize: immediate results, no waiting for the results to come back. Also, it's over quickly.

At 18 January, 2006 01:49, Anonymous Manuela said...

Two out of my three (later to be miscarried) pregnancies BOTH happened the cyle after an HSG. Same for an infertile woman I work with. Good luck!

Oh... and for what it's worth?? Mine wasn't that bad at all... it REALLY seems to vary from person to person... so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

At 18 January, 2006 02:00, Blogger Mony said...

I am a big wimp & my HSG was really a non event. It didn't hurt much....not at all actually. I had myself sooooo worked up over it & then....it was really bearable. A pap smear was worse. I realise we are all different, some women really do have pain, but don't expect the worst...it might not happen.

At 18 January, 2006 02:18, Blogger ninaB said...

sorry it was a bust.
don't worry about the HSG. it's not that bad, really.

At 18 January, 2006 02:20, Anonymous Lori said...

Sorry to hear you're drinking wine tonight. Mind if I join you in a glass?
The best thing about the HSG is that it's over quickly. As for scheduling - I think they usually have to schedule it fairly quickly since there's a limited window in your cyle in which they will perform it. I know I couldn't get it scheduled until CD1 and they wanted it done before CD10. It's probably best to get it over with since as you said, if you get the all clear you might have a higher chance of success.

At 18 January, 2006 03:00, Blogger S said...

Aw, that totally sucks....sorry that this cycle is a bust.

The HSG wasn't that horrific, really. I had pain, but it's because I have blocked tubes and, at the time, a really narrow cervix (which was corrected at my hysteroscopy last year). My first RE gave me 10 mg's of my dear friend Capitan Valium and I felt nada (plus, I got a nice buzz). If you're apprehensive about it, you can always request something to relax you.

Either that, or get totally shitfaced before that. Both have the same effect.

Now, go and knock that c*nt Hope in the head with that wine bottle, and give her a smack from me too...

At 18 January, 2006 06:16, Blogger Beth said...

I am sorry this cycle has ended for you. My HSG is tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes.

At 18 January, 2006 18:20, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

I am sorry about this cycle.
HSG is not that bad - no worse then AF cramps. I did mine two days before my wedding so there was no time to think about it.
My dr. booked it in very short notice so hopefully you get in this cycle.

At 18 January, 2006 18:54, Anonymous Kath said...

Sigh. Aren't we all turning into pessimists? Seems easier that way.

I've never had an HSG done, so I don't have any input there... but I hope you can get an appointment for one quickly.

At 18 January, 2006 22:16, Blogger Liz said...

Hope can be so disappointing. Don't worry too much about the HSG, it really isn't that bad. Hope it can be scheduled soon.

At 19 January, 2006 04:00, Anonymous Alexa said...

Oh no. I'm sorry. I was really hoping for you, too.
As for the HSG: Valium, Valium, Valium.
Actually, I've never had an HSG--but from what I hear Valium is key, for peace of mind if not for actual pain.
And at least afterwards you will know the results, and it will be one less unknown in the equation.

At 20 January, 2006 09:05, Blogger Ornery said...

I'm sorry to hear that Hope did its usual disappearing act. I just had my first HSG yesterday. There was admittedly some pain involved (for me, the cramps were more apparent after the procedure) but I just took lots of ibuprofen and that made it tolerable.


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