Wednesday, May 31, 2006

6 facts

A long, long time ago, I was tagged for the 6 facts game, twice even.
I knew I would need some distraction right about now, so kept it on ice until now.

1. I don't drink Coca-cola, nor Pepsi cola or any other cola. This is not my way of protesting against the neo-imperialism of multinationals, I just don't care for the taste very much. Actually, I very rarely drink any lemonade/soda's. I decided to quit them when I was 16, because I don't enjoy their taste enough to bother drinking all those calories. Switching to light was not an option, because I detest the taste of most sweeteners. Not that I've ever been a calory-counter, I never had a problem with endulging in beer and wine (with moderation, I promise).

2. Diets are not my thing. I've refused to engage in fad diets promoted by women's magazines. Because most women's magazines focus on diets and being thin, I've been boycotting them for the past 10 years. Do you think they've noticed?

3. I hate shopping for clothes and shoes. With a vengeance. Most major clothing stores only carry clothes up to 1 or 2 dress sizes too small for me. What is up with that? It's not like I'm not morbidly obese or something. When I look in the street, I see many women of my stature. Haven't they heard of the laws of supply and demand? Or is this just a scam to force me to go to the expensive special sizes stores? The clothes those stores sell are usually hideous, you know look like a tent, with out-of-control prints in fluorescent green or pink.
And shoes? I have large feet. Again, little choice is available. I currently have two (3) pairs of shoes that I can wear to work. I don't have any suitable sandals right now, but that's okay since the weather is sooo cold and wet. It feels like late winter. :-/

4. I love Lego blocks, always have, always will. Give me a box of lego's and I'll enjoy myself. Maybe something to remember if I ever have bedrest imposed. So, I can't wait to have a kid, so I can take him/her to Legoland.

5. I love cats but don't own one. I think a cat should have room to play outside, okay, I'm too lazy to clean a litter box and don't want to sacrifice the furniture.

6. I'm an absolute Firefox fan. Turbosurfing!

Now, I'm not going to tag anyone. This game has gone past its sell-by-date, I think.



At 01 June, 2006 01:32, Blogger projgen said...

Not a soda fan (or "pop" as they call it here) and I despise clothes and shoe shopping. My mother wonders where I actually came from, since shopping is the family pasttime. I want someone to pick out clothes for me, bring the home, let me try them on and what I don't like, they'll bring back.

Is that too much to ask?

At 01 June, 2006 12:24, Blogger Pamplemousse said...

Ugh. It is too cold here too, Lut. When is it going to be summer?

At 01 June, 2006 12:36, Blogger Meg said...

Lut - I agrre with you on two counts. I also dislike soft drink (it gives me a belly ache) and am not much of a shoe person. I have a pair of knee high boots, a pair of buckle-up doc martens and a pair of purple mary janes. That is it.(heavens, tmi, Meg)

At 01 June, 2006 15:19, Blogger Angie said...

I agree with you on the pop thing. I don't drink it very often. I much perfer water over pop and never diet!

I'm a firefox fan too! My FIL introduced me and I haven't went back to IE.

At 01 June, 2006 16:46, Blogger Sarah said...

With you on the Firefox!! Love it.

At 01 June, 2006 17:41, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

I'm with you - I can't be bothered with the extra calories in sugary drinks that taste like crap anyway!

At 02 June, 2006 01:02, Anonymous Paige said...

Long live firefox!!! :)

At 03 June, 2006 08:06, Blogger soralis said...

I just came across your blog. I wanted to wish you the best with your cycle.

Take care

At 03 June, 2006 08:06, Blogger soralis said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 05 June, 2006 16:01, Blogger N said...

Right, what's this with Soda? Not a big fan either....

WEll, some girls like shoes others don't ;-)

Firefox rules!!!!! So you see my blog the way it should be seen? Wonderful!

Am boycotting Micro*soft, love Firefox!

At 05 June, 2006 23:24, Blogger Millie said...

Totally love Firefox and don't know what I did without it.

I was a huge diet coke fan but have worked through that addition somewhat. Not all the way, but somewhat.

Crossing fingers for you this cycle. btw.


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