Thursday, May 25, 2006

Poke and prod #2

Firstly, thanks for the warm support. I needed to hear that, and that, and that. :-) I'm feeling better today.

The poke and prod session this morning went well. I wasn't feeling as nervous as first time, I knew what to expect. Even the doctor was more cheerful than last time and chatted a little with me. The blood draw didn't go better, this time he did take my suggestion to try my hand, only he used the regular big needle (ouch). Perhaps I should bring my own stock of little needles (aka butterfly's?). Well, he does his best and to be honest he is gentle.

The u/s showed the one dominant follicle on the right. My left ovary was playing hide and seek, cue prodding in the abdomen. :-/
This time I was awake enough to ask for the measurements: 16 mm.

This morning the doctor told me the IUI would be this weekend and that I didn't need any more wandings, just a blood draw tomorrow. If I started ovulating on my own, IUI would be Saturday, otherwise on Sunday.

This afternoon, his secretary called again, and said I needed to come back for a third poke and prod session on Friday, and to skip the blood draw tomorrow. I'm assuming my hormone levels are lagging behind in comparison to the size of the follicle (?). It didn't occur to me to ask for the actual levels. To be fair, I was in my office, which I share with two co-workers. I doubt she had them in front of her anyway. Besides, one thing less for me to obsess about. :-)

A question about modesty at the RE office (a contradictio in terminis?). Do you get a paper gown to cover up for the u/s? Or do you get a sheet or towel? None of this at my doctor's office. There is a curtain to undress behind but that's the only concession afforded to modesty. While I appreciate it, I do wonder what the point is, really. Everything is in plain view once I'm in the stirrups.

Perhaps I should bring my own towel*. Now a plain white one wouldn't do of course, I would need one with an appropriate print on it.
What do you think of these:
- X marks the spot
- Men at work road sign
- A map of the female reproductive system
- Vacancy

Any other suggestions?

* For those wondering, I am joking.



At 25 May, 2006 04:09, Blogger Sparkle said...

Good news on your follicle!

I used to be given the room to change in private, then a sheet to cover my waist down. Then the wand would be handed to me to insert.

I think I might find it abit embarrassing otherwise ...

At 25 May, 2006 14:21, Blogger Meg said...

Lut - they give us gowns where I have mine, and I do appreciate it.. makes you feel kinda like you're disconnected from it all, and there's something slightly less invasive. (How odd, when you think of it, like feeling as if you're two halves...)Good luck withall the action in the next couple of days. Let us know how it all goes, of course.

At 25 May, 2006 15:30, Blogger Robber Barren said...

At my clinic, I am told to wrap a paper sheet around my waist, kind of like a wrap skirt. I'm also sent into a bathroom to change, so that I can pee before the scan as well. I'd be fine walking out half-naked, but I think it makes the u/s tech feel better to see us in our paper skirts anyway.

I vote for the "map." That way you can still use it when you're pregnant. ;-)

At 25 May, 2006 15:38, Blogger Sarah said...

Hilarious! Love the towel suggestions.

At the clinic where I go, there is a seperate room in which to get changed and they provide a paper sheet to wrap in. It doesn't really do anything for privacy, but it makes me feel better having it anyways. I'd suggest something it to them.

Good luck if you have the IUI this weekend and keep us posted!

At 25 May, 2006 15:40, Blogger zhl said...

Nothing to cover the nether regions? Well, that would make me uncomfortable. Usually, the tech leaves the room while I undress from the waist down and then I sit on the table with a very rough paper sheet covering myself.

Good luck this weekend. Hope it goes well.

At 25 May, 2006 18:02, Blogger Keeping The Faith said...

Stopping by to say Hi and introduce myself. I found your blog and can really relate. I'm also going through injectibles and IUI. I wish you the best and hope this cycle is your last!

At 25 May, 2006 18:02, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

We have these big white sheet things that you wrap around yourself. I'd feel a little silly walking to the table with my bum hanging out, not that there is any modesty left.

At 25 May, 2006 18:47, Blogger Mellie said...

So far, so good, I'm happy to hear.

At Cornell, they leave you alone in the room to undress from the waist down and leave a sheet or gown (depending if the laundry supply is low or not!) for you to cover yourself with.

I think I would seriously consider bringing my own sheet if they didn't provide one! Especially if it was decorated with a treasure map.

At 25 May, 2006 20:08, Blogger Thalia said...

I get a curtain-ed off area to change in, and a paper sheet to wrap round myself. I do think there's something more exposing about walking around the room naked rather than just lying there.

At 25 May, 2006 21:32, Blogger projgen said...

At my clinic, they send you into a change room, where you leave your top on, but wrap a paper sheet around your waist. They also have the lights very dim in the ultrasound room, so it seems less invasive.

As for the towel, I like all the signs. Just make sure you don't get "no entry"!

At 26 May, 2006 02:14, Anonymous Paige said...

LOL! I like the map of the femail reproductive track!

Good news on your follie. I'll keep you in my thoughts for your IUI this weekend. I IUI'd on Tuesday and waiting to test 6/5.

Good Luck to you!

At 26 May, 2006 02:15, Anonymous Paige said...

Oh, almost forgot: I get a sheet at my usual clinic (a satellite office ) and a paper gown at the main campus.

At 26 May, 2006 05:18, Blogger sube said...

No sheet? No gown? Well, that just sounds a bit, er, chilly. I typically get a paper sheet. Once I got a real cloth sheet and I felt like I was in first class. I was waiting for the sonographer to ask, "Coffee, tea or martini?"

Good luck this weekend.

At 26 May, 2006 05:20, Anonymous Wavery said...

A sheet, verily transparent but a sheet none the less.

Really? You get nothing?

At 26 May, 2006 13:44, Blogger Mary Ellen and Steve said...

They give me a paper blanket to cover up with from the waist down at my clinic. I have to walk from the bathroom to the table naked from the waist down but the tech doesn't come in until I am safely covered on the table.

Good luck with the IUI this weekend. I will be thinking of you!!


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