Thursday, June 15, 2006

Never around when you need her

I haven't gone down the deep end, I was just out of town for a few days. But Meg, I'm touched by your concern.

Thank you for all the kind words. It's like having my own gang of supporters.
And I don't even have to wear shorts, run after a ball only to kick it away again. :-)

I'm still twiddling my thumbs here, waiting for my period to show up. I took the last dose of Pr0gesterone on Monday morning. That's 4 days ago. Shouldn't it be out of my system yet?

I wouldn't mind so much, except I'd like to squeeze in another cycle with dr. A before he leaves on holiday in July. Especially now that I spoke up for the privilege. The doctor mentioned that sometimes the Big Clinic takes over his IUI patients while he's away, but said it was a bit of a hassle to organize. I don't need much in order to fret, so that's exactly what I'm doing.

Some of you had some questions for me:

Is the next step IVF?
No, not yet.

Does the health care system require a specific number of IUI's before moving to IVF?
Not that I know of. However, I suspect that doctor's have a general obligation to try less invasive and less expensive treatments before moving to other options. Makes sense.
In the case of IF, trying a few rounds of IUI's in case of unexplained IF is standard treatment. The important word being 'few'.

What's my limit? After how many IUI's do I want to move to IVF?
At the first consult, the dr. said he generally does 3 to 4 IUI's. This is a number I can live with. Of course, I can imagine he would want to do some more if I keep responding appropriately. I won't make a decision without listening to his advice.

What about a second opinion?
At this point, I'm pretty confident I wouldn't find a dr. willing to do IVF with us. I realize IUI is the sensible thing to do in our situation, though that doesn't make me any happier about our odds. Also, I'm not dissatisfied with my dr.

Is Abs0lut raspberry a good sauce for dark chocolate ice cream?

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At 16 June, 2006 09:58, Blogger Meg said...

Lut - I'm glad to hear you're doing ok. What, bloggers are allowed to go out of town? Haha. Sticking with IUI for a bit makes sense - even if IVF has better odds, it's obviously not a preference any sane person would opt for right away! (if they had a choice of course, which not all do. Like us, for example. *SIGH*)

At 16 June, 2006 14:57, Blogger Angie said...

Hope you had a nice time out of town. I am confident that your doc will get you pg! I find it nice to take some time off and not worry about what's going to happen next, but I'm weird. Thinking of you!

At 16 June, 2006 18:25, Blogger Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am glad that you are doing okay. I agree with Meg- it definitely makes sense to stick with IUI for a while. IVF may have better odds but it's a bitch. I hope that this next cycle works for you. Hugs!

At 16 June, 2006 18:43, Blogger Ornery said...

I don't know where my head is these days. I could haven sworn I commented on your last post, but I see that I haven't. I'm so sorry that your IUI did not work out, and am very happy to hear that you stood up for yourself and will not need to endure a "rest cycle" (such a deceiving term, isn't it?).

I hope your period has shown up by now, or will show up very soon. And that Absolut raspberry with dark chocolate ice cream sounds DIVINE.

At 16 June, 2006 19:25, Blogger GZ said...

Onery has a good point. No such thing as a rest cycle. I would probably pee on sticks even if my husband was out of town for 3 months.

Glad you get to go ahead with another one. Keeping my fingers crossed!

At 16 June, 2006 20:47, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

Ha ha, I am glad to hear about the sauce!
Sticking with IUI does make sense. I wish we could have gotten a chance at it and doubt I would have been to quick to move onto IVF. I know that stats are one thing but I have honestly seen more IUI success than IVF since I start blogging. That is just the random group of blogs I read thought, certainly nothing scientific.
I hope AF shows up so you can do another cycle with your regular doctor.


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