Monday, June 26, 2006

Ping! Done.

My follicle is done: 23 mm. Tonight I trigger, tomorrow I go for the IUI.

DH won't be coming along this time, he'll be at work. I told him he could. He will of course be making his contribution earlier in the morning, and will be dropping it off at the clinic. Thank you.

I have a lovely bruise in my elbow to show for this morning's blood draw. The dr. was pretty proud of finding a vein, "solely by touch". I almost didn't have the heart to ask him to order some of those tiny butterfly needles to draw blood from my hand, but I did anyway. Perhaps I'll regret it later, when he starts wielding one of those things.

This is a rather boring post, but I'm glad I posted the details on the last cycle. I hadn't written them down elsewhere. And of course I want to compare both cycles, as I'm still so new to this.

Tomorrow, I want no surprises, except really good ones.



At 27 June, 2006 00:31, Blogger Meg said...

Yay Lut! Good luck tomorrow. I think it's good to document all of these things. Stuff worrying about being boring! x

At 27 June, 2006 01:42, Blogger Sunnie said...

Good luck tmrw! 23 is a lovely number!

At 27 June, 2006 04:18, Blogger projgen said...

23 is my favourite number! Well done! Good luck tomorrow!!!

At 27 June, 2006 11:18, Blogger Pamplemousse said...

Good luck today, Lut.

At 28 June, 2006 03:28, Blogger sube said...

I won't let anyone come near me for a blood draw unless it's with one of the butterfly needles. Arm, hand, wherever, it butterflies all the way.


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