Friday, July 28, 2006

The incredible shrinking follicle (edited)

Just a quick update:

LO: 11mm

RO: 13mm, 11mm, 10mm, 9mm, 7mm

Yes, the one on the left is shrinking. Well, remind me not to harbor too much hopes for LO pulling it's weight if we ever do an IVF.
RO is overcompensating, if you ask me. DH shouted out 'quintuplets' when I told him (shudder). My dr hopes two will mature.

Probably, I won't need to come back for another u/s until Monday, which would be excellent. My blood levels were on the low side the last time, we'll see what today's results say. Just in case, the dr. told me I could go to any hospital nearby of the BIOALE on Sunday for a blood draw.

See you on the other side of the weekend.

Edited to add:
Katty asks an excellent question: how many is too many? Before the first IUI, the doctor said that 3 mature follicles is the maximum, but puncturing some beforehand was an option.
It didn't occur to me to ask, now that it is a remote possibility. The past BFN's must be clouding my judgement.

The doctor didn't tell us to abstain, or to use contraception (ha!), so I'm going to enjoy the weekend's recreational activities with reckless abandon.

Just how remote do I think the possibility of success is?
  • On Wednesday, I almost injected pure saline(?) solution. I noticed the unopened Men0pur vial just as I was going to stick the needle in. Oops.
  • Yesterday night, I almost forgot to set my alarm clock to go to the u/s today. It slipped my mind! And I go to bed right after my injection. Sigh.
  • Right now, I should be waiting anxiously for the call with my blood results. Only, I left my cell phone in the other room, where I can't even hear it. 1 missed call! ... Not the clinic, thank goodness.

All I have to do now, is forget to pack my medication for tonight and tomorrow. Watch me.

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At 28 July, 2006 10:03, Blogger katty said...

So, what is the maximum number of follicles you are allowed to trigger with? That is follicles over 15mm (or whatever the minimum is over there). Here it is three.
Hope all is well. Remember (re your weekend away) that follicles can make crazed last minute dashes and sudenely get big very fast (I mean keep that in mind while you're away).
Hope you're feeling ok.

At 28 July, 2006 12:10, Blogger Pamplemousse said...

Depending on what your E2 is now, those follicles could be on the move soon but luckily they are co-operating for the weekend. Have fun!

At 28 July, 2006 14:42, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

The fertiles advice "don't think about it and it will happen" doesn't work as well with ART - don't forget those meds!

Have a great time this weekend. I hope that your eggs mature perfectly and everything goes well on Monday.

At 28 July, 2006 16:35, Blogger soralis said...

Enjoy your weekend, hope it's a great one.

Take care and good luck

At 28 July, 2006 21:04, Blogger Fertility Faux Pas said...

One of my ovaries gave me the finger when I did injectibles (and IVF) too. But, the other one overcompensated (just like yours) and things still worked out eventually. Keeping everything crossed that this works for you.

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget those meds!

At 29 July, 2006 01:19, Blogger Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Have a wonderful weekend away Lut! I am hoping very hard that this cycle works out for you.

At 29 July, 2006 01:32, Blogger fisher queen said...

I had a slow side too- I actually think it was the left as well. As long as you've got some to work with, who cares about symmetry? Good luck!

At 29 July, 2006 09:48, Anonymous Meri-ann said...

Enjoy your weekend, I'm glad that RO is being an over-achiever and not letting the team down....

At 30 July, 2006 00:57, Blogger Thalia said...

In the UK you can't trigger if you havemore than three over 15mm. But in IVF you can't go ahead unless you have 4 more than 17mm. Bastards get you either way.

Hoping your weekend was fun and productive, and that you didn't forget the drugs!

At 30 July, 2006 01:43, Blogger Millie said...

Hope you're having fun at your BIODALE. So glad the follies are all playing nice.

At 30 July, 2006 03:50, Blogger ellie said...

Wahoo. I hopoe you are having a good weekend away. I am thinking about you and wishing you luck with this cycle!

At 30 July, 2006 14:13, Blogger Shazz said...

Still sending lots of growing vibes, hope your weekend away was relaxing.

At 30 July, 2006 16:56, Blogger zhl said...

Have a great time this weekend. Hope you are able to have two once in a lifetime events soon.


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