Saturday, August 26, 2006

More tests, I beg of you!

Especially for DinoD, who is feeling a little under the weather and bored, a short story long. For a short story short, scroll to the end.

I phoned my dr and left him a message on his answering machine. My hands were jittery with nerves as I dialed his number. The courage I had racked up almost failed me when I heard the beep. Suggesting further tests to my dr? Am I crazy? That's just asking for trouble.

Guess what, he called me back! The same day. He was driving, by the sound of it.
When I started talking about more testing before the consult, his first reaction sounded a bit wary, though not unfriendly. "What kind of tests might that be then?"
Me (feebly) "Well, erm, I was thinking of a CD3 blood draw? Isn't that commonly done?"
The right answer it seemed, because he agreed that was pretty common. (Perhaps he was expecting something wildly exotic, like something you read on the internet.) Now, I can't remember whether Dr. Sunshine ordered a CD3 test, and I said so, but it can't hurt to do a repeat.

Then, to my surprise, he went further to suggest karyotyping for me and dh. He started explaining how it's possible that bits of genes are stuck to other genes (oh yeah, a balanced translocation, I thought) which causes fertility problems. "How interesting", I said. He must think I'm nuts. I had been debating whether to ask for genetic screening before we move on, but decided to hold that for the consult.

Do you think asking for a blood clotting panel is pushing my luck? (Thromb.ophlia) Let's find out shall we?

The dr asked me to call him back the day after, at his office, and remind him to send an order for the tests. No problem (though calling him from the noisy train station was not a bright idea). 5 minutes of silence, save a little rustling of papers, the dr told me a CD3 test wouldn't be necessary after all, not with all the hormone measurements I already have on file. The karyotyping is still on.

Feeling a bit braver than before, I asked about the blood clotting panel. He said that's only done for recurrent miscarriages. Not quite my problem, just recurrent 0 beta's. Of course, it only takes a little bit of googling to find a journal article that say it might be relevant to implantation. But what am I going to do, print them and hand them over? I think not.

Now, DinoD, I bet you're still bored, but at least that's another minute passed. Get well soon!

A short story short:
- CD3 test: not necessary, enough levels on file
- Karyotyping: to do for me and DH
- Blood clotting panel: not at this time



At 26 August, 2006 01:07, Blogger DinosaurD said...

Ha - you thought I was just joking but here I am - almost immediately.
The karyotyping is a good idea - when I got ours back our RE said "well you're a girl and your husband is a boy". Have to love a RE with a sense of humor (or not).
Thanks for keeping me occupied for a while.

At 26 August, 2006 01:27, Blogger My Reality said...

I like the idea of karyotyping, I believe that knowledge is power.

So, are you coming for a pedicure with me and Krista? I know it is a little far, but I could let you know a few days in advance! ;)

At 26 August, 2006 09:50, Blogger Thalia said...

Hmm on the day 3 stuff, I think you could insist - or at least get him to tell you what the results were. Having said that, my results are never very different month to month. But did he do the full panel e.g., thyroid and testosterone as well as LH and FSH? You might ask him that.

If they are doing karyotyping honestly they might as well do the clotting stuff, but you probably don't need to insist right now. One of the things that might be an outcome of having a clotting issue is needing to take extra folic acid, and you could just do that. It can't do any harm as it's a water soluble vitamin so you'll just pee out anything your body doesn't need. What you should do with it is take a b-complex multivitamin so your intake doesn't get unbalanced.

Wow that was a lot of assvice for a saturday morning. Hope you'll forgive me!

At 26 August, 2006 21:33, Blogger Angie said...

Lut, I really hope that it is NOT a BT! That is what Joe and I are dealing with (he has it). It will not make things easy, but eliminating it from the prospects is a good idea.
Hoping for the best!

At 27 August, 2006 20:28, Blogger namaste said...

Glad to hear that the doctor is receptive, somewhat. I sure hope he has some answers for you soon...

At 28 August, 2006 02:17, Blogger Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I think that the karyotyping is a good idea. I so hope that the test comes back okay. As you know, we are dealing with balanced translocation and it is not fun. I will have everything crossed for you.

At 28 August, 2006 05:07, Blogger InDueTime said...

Lut I hope the testing goes well. Hugssss xo!

At 28 August, 2006 18:36, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

The karyotyping is a good idea - I agree that knowledge is power. Here's to hoping you have nothing you need to know about!

At 29 August, 2006 01:11, Anonymous Manuela said...

Um... why NOT print it out and hand it to him? Seriously! I've done that before... especially if it comes from a 'prestigious source'.

At 29 August, 2006 05:27, Blogger sube said...

Good for you for being proactive. Hope the testing goes well.

At 30 August, 2006 01:12, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

I hope that something good comes of all these tests. It's good to hear that you have a doctor who is open to your thoughts.


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