Monday, March 12, 2007

Are anxiety attacks a symptom?

My fitness level is pretty shabby, though I know better than to start training right now, I do want to get a bit of exercise.
In this spirit, I decided to take the stairs to my office in stead of the elevator.  So up I went 4 flights of stairs, arriving out of breath as usual.

Bad idea. By the time I made it to my desk and plopped into my chair, I could feel my uterus protesting vehemently. The feeling is hard to describe, but it was a bit like I had a hard and angry ball in my abdomen. Soon after, I started flushing hot and feeling lightheaded. Red lights and sirens started going off in my head. 

After 10 to 15 minutes in the bathroom, breathing slowly and splashing water on my wrists and face, the worst was over. It took another hour or so for the angry feeling in my abdomen to go away. A pain in my side - ovaries? ligaments? - stayed until early evening.

I don't believe walking up 4 flights of stairs will make a difference in outcome. If it does, it means the outlook was bleak anyway. There are millions of PG women out there who can't take an elevator, or put their feet up after a long hard day, and to boot are risking their lives by having a baby. Not that knowing that would comfort me if the worst were to happen.

That said, I'm not going to limit stairclimbing for the time being. I still have the home trainer, which hasn't caused my any discomfort so far (not suprising at the snail's pace I'm riding it).

I'm feeling calm again, but I sure hope not to go through one of these attacks every day.



At 12 March, 2007 23:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of climbing all 4 fights, you could take the elevator up 2 flights and climb the stairs for the other 2.

At 13 March, 2007 02:02, Blogger Just another Jenny said...

The anxiety and worry is much worse than those stairs. I know it's kinda assvicey but I did a step aerobics class 4 days after transfer and I'm 36 weeks now so I'm sure the stairs did more to screw with your mind then your body.

At 13 March, 2007 04:51, Blogger Bea said...

I think taking it easy sounds like a great idea - if an anxiety attack is the alternative, definitely.


At 13 March, 2007 10:27, Anonymous Kath said...

Deat Lut, I'm sorry you had to go through that distress. It sounds truly frightening.

Exertion does terrible things to me, too. Even hurrying like mad to make an appointment can result in terrible heat flashes and weird discomfort. Think of it this way: your body is putting all its efforts into your uterus right now. Moving around normally and steadily (even exercising moderately) is not a problem, but when there is a sudden peak of activity with greatly increased heart rate, your body lets you know in no uncertain terms that it is NOT HAPPY and CUT THAT OUT NOW 'cause we're BUSY.

I don't believe that that kind of thing is dangerous, but I have learned to listen to the signals of my body -- it can make me utterly miserable otherwise.

Thinking of you often and wishing you everything good under the sun.

At 13 March, 2007 15:14, Blogger lucky #2 said...

Worrying desperately about the well-being of your child leading to anxiety...yep, you are pregnant!

My guess is that you were feeling ligaments stretching. Listen to your body and take care of yourself, lut. Maybe a long walk around the neighborhood at night would be better than the stairs for awhile?

Oh, and unfortunately, I think anxiety gets worse once your little one arrives!

At 13 March, 2007 18:56, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

Yep, I think it sounds like ligaments stretching. I've had some cramping feelings like that too, that only come when I'm walking. When I sit down, they go away...

But taking it easy certainly can't hurt anything!

At 14 March, 2007 01:42, Blogger fisher queen said...

I was very crampy after transfer. Fear not, the stairs were not a big deal. Fingers crossed for you.

At 14 March, 2007 09:17, Blogger Anna said...

Yes, I do think that climbing stairs can not change the outcome. It's just that when you have gone through so much to get here, you tend to freak out so easily. Fertiles that are pg do not pay much attention to things like that!

At 14 March, 2007 23:40, Blogger projgen said...

Isn't it amazing how IF makes us freak at things that "regular" folk wouldn't bat an eye at? I'm sure your body was just bitching at you for the unexpected exercise, but you need to do whatever keeps you calm.

At 15 March, 2007 01:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like your ligaments stretching - I had it alot in my pregnancy after climbing stairs [getting out of the car was another goodie]

At 16 March, 2007 16:38, Blogger Isabel said...

I spent most of my pregnancy terrified and immobile.

I relaxed a little towards the end.

Now like Lucky #2 said: I'm terrified and staring at my baby's chest rise and fall.

I don't know if there's any respite.

At 17 March, 2007 10:07, Anonymous Sassy said...

Yeouch! Hope it was a one off and you're doing well now. Take care.


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