Thursday, May 24, 2007

One step at a time

In brief: the doppler says all is well.

A whole month without any kind of doctor's appointment is a very long time.
In the back of my mind, occasionally a fleeting sense of worry would spring up.
Is everything still all right in there? How can I know?

Originally, I had an appointment with the midwife on Monday. Unfortunately, work decided otherwise, in the form of a meeting I could not miss.
Fortunately, the midwife was willing to squeeze me in today.

The highlight of the visit was the doppler, of course. Time to get an answer.
The Insider did a good job of evading the machine though, it took quite some time (and a gel reapplication) before the midwife managed to track him/her down. What  a relief to hear it thumping away at last.
The midwife reassured me it was normal to have to search a while, the baby still has enough space to move around a lot. (Please, don't tell me otherwise).

I'm still not showing, at least not that I can tell. That's normal too according to the midwife. To date, I'm still managing with my regular clothes, but I don't know how much longer that will last.

Meanwhile, I've decided on a course of action regarding the birth plan. I've opted for the hospital birth with my ob/gyn and the midwife cast in the role of doula. The midwife I saw today is willing to do this, which is great.

Hiring an actual doula isn't really possible, since there are hardly any in the area. I'd never even heard of the term before reading North-American blogs. But if I get my way, it'll be just like having one anyway.

Having made this decision should tide me over for a while. No more worrying about the birth for a while. There's still the second trimester to get through, after all.

And I succumbed to the temptation of putting up a ticker.

Coming up next week: anatomical scan at 18 weeks.



At 25 May, 2007 01:40, Blogger Bumble said...

Hey Lut, so happy to see that everythings going well, and that you're thinking about your birth plan. Your baby looks so cute left x

At 25 May, 2007 01:51, Blogger ak1908 said...

Thanks for the update. I received your email also. I'm glad to hear that all is going well!!!

At 25 May, 2007 02:25, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

Great news! I'm glad you worked out a plan for the birth - that sounds perfect for your wishes and needs.

Love the ticker - it helps me remember exactly where you are!

At 25 May, 2007 03:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you have the best of both worlds picked with your birth plan.

Will you be finding out the sex of the baby, or are you keeping it a surprise?

At 25 May, 2007 03:58, Blogger luolin said...

I remember the moments of worry every time I went in when they had to try a bit before finding the heartbeat. It does seem to have gotten easier to find later on.

Glad you've found a good plan for the birth.

At 25 May, 2007 09:56, Anonymous Kath said...

That's wonderful news, Lut! And it's so true about babies moving around like mad. (Enjoy it while you can, little one!)

I didn't have to buy maternity clothes until about week 17. Granted, things were getting very tight by then, but I still managed to avoid going into those scary stores...

At 25 May, 2007 21:08, Blogger A said...

So glad everything is going well...with the exception of my last appointment at 19 wks, every other time it's taken a long time to find the heartbeat. Definitely sounds normal to me!

At 25 May, 2007 23:48, Blogger Angie said...

So glad everything is going well!

At 26 May, 2007 02:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont worry about the baby sneakily hiding from the doppler. I had that experience too only the babe couldn't be found period. I spent a month fretting As for not showing, that is also pretty normal. Lots of people don't show until 20-22 weeks. Consider yourself lucky as the less time spent in maternity gear, the less sick you will become of those same few outfits!

At 26 May, 2007 06:33, Anonymous Jys said...

Hi Lut!! :) :) :)
Congrats on having such a great appointment. Just wanted to reassure you also that it is TOTALLY normal to search for the HB earlier on sometimes. I was even told by my nurses that sometimes they can't find the HB and ask the doc to do it, which is perfectly fine - and they told me the same thing - baby has so much room to move around! :)
Enjoy every minute - and especially the days BETWEEN appointments - I personally loved them because it meant I didn't have to stress over anything and I just trusted that nature is taking its course, as we SHOULD! This is not a medical process afterall.. but just a natural one! :)

That's great that your midwife will play role of doula. I personally have wondered several times whether I should consider one. It sounds so wonderful, but so far plans have been to have just DH and me...

I didn't show until about 23 weeks or so - even then people were kind of wondering yes or no. I was very impatient to show, but in hindsight, I'm also glad that my tummy wasn't overwhelmingly huge. Its much better for people to tell you - "you're this far along already??! You're not showing much!" than for them to say "You look like a turkey about to explode! Are you having that baby yet?"

I'm so excited for you and the only other suggestion I'd share is definitely read up on parenting books too! I've heard we tend to read so much on pregnancy and birth, but after that's all done, it's the next 18+ years of raising this baby :)

And thanks so much for visiting my blog - I'm amazed that you comment so quickly, even when I am so bad about posting as often as I'd like! :) :) :)

At 27 May, 2007 19:47, Blogger Thalia said...

don't know if you remember, but at my 15 week appointment the doc never really heard the heartbeat, and gave up, didn't seem to worry him. It only didnt' worry me because we had the doppler at home! Only another 3 weeks or so and you'll be able to feel the baby which will make all the difference.

At 28 May, 2007 01:34, Blogger projgen said...

Glad you've got a midwife plan worked out. I owe you an email - I had no idea doulas were fairly North American; I assumed we expropriated them!

Whatever, the important thing is, you have the arrangement that makes you the most comfortable. And that's most awesome ;)

At 28 May, 2007 04:08, Blogger lucky #2 said...

Love the birth plan...sounds perfect!

Great ticker, too. Can't wait to hear what you are having (although, are you going to find out?)

At 28 May, 2007 04:09, Blogger lucky #2 said...

Oh, and I time my OB took what seemed like forever to find my baby's heartbeat. I was about 30 weeks along and I know she realized I was going to freak out because all of the sudden she started asking questions about the strangest things to distract me. After she found it, she laughed and said sometimes the babies move around and are hard to pinpoint. It about gave me a heartattack though.

At 29 May, 2007 07:16, Blogger Mony said...

Love the ticker. Why Not? I'm thinking about one too.

All good news honey!

At 31 May, 2007 16:40, Blogger AshPash said...

Lut: I have been away recollecting after our first cycle was cancelled. We are back in the game now with a June cycle. Happy to see that things are progressing well with your pregnancy!


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