Friday, August 03, 2007

27w: Grab a hold of this!

Kath's comment reminded me how the rest of that conversation went at the prenatal class.

Fertile Women @ 26w: When do they start with vaginal exams? My mom said she always had vaginal exams when she was PG with me.

Me (thinking): well, they hardly did u/s  20+ years ago.

Fertile Women @ 35w: I had my first last week.

FW@26w: Does it hurt?

FW@35w: It isn't pleasant, but it doesn't hurt too much. It was a bit bizarre though, at one point my doctor said "oh, here's the head"!

FW@26w: (Eyes wide) The doctor can grab hold of the head?!

FW@35w: Ehrm.

Me (thinking): yeah, your cervix automagically opens up like a set of sliding doors for your doc. Too bad that trick doesn't work during delivery.

Me: The doctor can only feel the head through the wall of your uterus! He can't actually touch the head.

Not half an hour earlier we had been looking at a cut-through diagram of the (non-pregnant) female anatomy too!

This conversation struck me as funny. Going through ART and reading infertility blogs teaches you a thing or two about the female anatomy.



At 03 August, 2007 23:33, Anonymous Lori said...

Since I was on bedrest and couldn't go to any birth classes I was spared the worries of the fertiles. Seems like I missed out on some entertaining stuff!
One of the perks I guess of IF, you end up knowing an awful lot about your body.

At 04 August, 2007 04:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know infertility has forced my husband to learn a whole lot more about female anatomy!

At 04 August, 2007 09:37, Blogger Thalia said...

Although infertility doesn't teach you what a 10cm dilated cervix looks like - that I could have done without!

At 04 August, 2007 10:38, Blogger Isabel said...

Hahaha. Yeah, all my visits and appts were in Japanese: thank goodness! I'm sure i was spared a lot of comments.

Still, I'm proud of you, out there representing for the rest of us. Yay for babies! Yay for knowing how you're all put together!

Now I remember my husband explaining to me that the placenta is not a special inner sac for the baby. Babies, not inside placentas. I felt purty dumb about that one!

At 04 August, 2007 11:42, Anonymous Kath said...

Sliding doors, now THAT would be nice, wouldn't it?

At 04 August, 2007 14:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I WISH I was that naive! :)


At 05 August, 2007 00:27, Blogger Jennifer said...

you don't need a vag exam until you have been in labor for a while and your water is broken.
Mind you I did have one when I tripped and gushed a lot of fluid...the DR had to check if it was amniotic...which it wasn't...wierdly enough.

At 05 August, 2007 03:08, Blogger millie said...

Those poor naive fertiles. Think you could tell them some lies? Spread some misinformation?

At 05 August, 2007 19:04, Blogger Aurelia said...

I feel bad for them, since I remember that naivete during my first pregnancy and labour.

Every vaginal exam was nerve-wracking for me, and since I had a small bladder, kind of painful. I really thought that was the worst that could happen. I had a LOT to learn.

Now, I feel like I could be an anatomy Prof.

At 06 August, 2007 14:17, Blogger Beagle said...

I'm surprised they don't still believe in the stork.

At 07 August, 2007 01:47, Blogger ms. c said...

There's no accounting for others' stupidity. And it's always shockingly annoying.

At 08 August, 2007 03:17, Blogger topcat said...

Lut thank you so much for your help re. cyclesista. And congratulations! I'm reading your posts - so, so happy for you.

Re. Your post - I only recently learnt that the blood from my period is the lining of my endometrium. (I think). Who knew!!

At 09 August, 2007 20:00, Blogger Brandy said...

A friend of mine is a certified childbirth educator, which was FABULOUS. My husband and I had private sessions and never had to deal with young/uneducated/no commonsense fertiles. It makes all the difference in the world.

At 10 August, 2007 09:03, Anonymous Nina said...

Where do I apply for those sliding doors?

I'm almost starting to look forward to those classes, might get a good laugh out of them and calm down J who is getting more and more freaked out about me giving birth. He needs this class more than I do I think :-)


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