Saturday, August 11, 2007

28w5d: Sowing seeds

In brief: all is well, but the doctor sows some seeds of concern.

Last Thursday we had another appointment with our ob/gyn. My blood pressure is good and my weight gain is still good (meaning not too much). It had been over a month since we last got to take a peek at the Insider, so I was pretty curious.

The baby is in breech position, which is less than ideal. Normally, babies are already positioned head down by week 29. We still have a good chance the baby will turn of it's own accord. However, the doctor immediately started talking about doing a C-section otherwise. I'm not jumping with joy, but if that's what it takes, then so be it.

Also, the baby is a bit lighter than average (1kg, whereas 1,2 kg is average at week 29) and measuring a little bit behind. Of course, averages mean that some will be heavier and others will be lighter. The head is measuring a tiny bit behind, but that's because the shape is narrower and longer due to being in breech for a while. The important thing is that the brain has enough room to develop, which it does. The shape will correct itself after birth. The belly is measuring a bit more behind,  though not dramatically so.
The doctor says this alone is no reason for concern, as long as the baby continues to grow at a steady pace.  She told me not to worry, but she wants to see me in two weeks just to keep a close eye on the baby's progress.
I'm trying not to worry, and doing fairly well, but I'm not exactly feeling carefree either. There really isn't much I can do, though I have started to wonder if perhaps I need to adjust my diet. Can you see the slippery slope to 'what am I doing wrong' and 'it's all my fault'?

Naturally, I've been looking into things I might try to encourage the Insider to turn. Get this, I should prop my hips up. Now, where have I heard that one before?
The internet, my book on pregnancy and the prenatal counselor all agree on this one, so I'm going to try it.

I still have a few prenatal classes to look forward to. I'm glad you got a chuckle out of that conversation too, though, if things had gone different, I might have been just as naive. Or not quite, because I would probably have committed my PG book to memory before the course even started.



At 12 August, 2007 01:11, Blogger Bea said...

Hope all looks great in two weeks. Get those hips up, now (that makes me laugh).


At 12 August, 2007 01:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also laughing at the propping your hips up! Maybe it will finally be good advice for something! It sure as hell didn't work to get us pregnant.

I am sure the Insider will be fine. It is good that the doctors are being cautious. This is one special little baby and they are treating you accordingly.

At 12 August, 2007 04:43, Blogger shanna said...

My friend's breech baby turned at about 36 weeks and she went on to have a successful vaginal delivery. There's still plenty of time!

At 12 August, 2007 21:36, Blogger Thalia said...

I'm sorry to hear the baby is small, I hope it's a one time thing and at the next measurement it's clearly making progress.

re the putting your hips up thing, I cannot understand why it's supposed to help given that gravity is what's supposed to pull the baby's head down...

At 12 August, 2007 23:08, Blogger Ladybug Ann said...

In a hurry but wanted to drop a line of reassurance, here goes in note form:
- Ultrasounds can be wrong sometimes with estimates of sizes, as long as baby looks healthy in the the healthy range, it's ok.

-It's not your fault!!! Baby will take whatever nutrients from you, even if you are starving yourself, your baby will do better than you.

- My OB said that he doesn't even check position till much later (36 weeks) as babies can turn a few times before then.

Take care.

At 13 August, 2007 03:27, Blogger lucky #2 said...

Maybe propping your hips will work this time! :) I have heard of babies flipping very close to the end, so I wouldn't worry too much about that one.

As for the Insider's size, try to keep in mind that dr's tend to be cautious these days. U/S measurements are also notoriously off and it sounds like everything is looking normal despite the size. Be thankful they are going to watch you closely. I'll cross my fingers with you until your next u/s...

At 13 August, 2007 03:48, Blogger Bumble said...

I thought the days of propping hips up were meant to be over?! I'll be thinking of you and I'm sure everything is just fine with your little one, but understandably you're feeling nervous. Hang in there! x

At 13 August, 2007 06:19, Blogger Sparkle said...

I was still in breech past 29 weeks - by the next appointment - 31 weeks my baby had turned. My doctor didn't seemed to be alarmed at all - and at that stage hadn't even mentioned caesarian!

He has also told me that as a pregnancy progresses degrees of accuracy lessen. The early scans are the most accurate - by 36 weeks they could be anything up to 3 weeks to a month out.

Funny think - when he said I was out of breech - all I wondered was why hadn't I felt or noticed such a dramatic turn!

At 13 August, 2007 18:37, Blogger soralis said...

Finally catching up. Hope the insider flips over for you!

Take care and wishing you the best

At 13 August, 2007 22:10, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

I hope your Insider flips for you - but these babies often have a mind of their own on how they want to settle in there!

In the meantime, "just" prop your hips up!!!! :-)

At 13 August, 2007 22:30, Blogger Beagle said...

I hope the seeds of worry are swept away at the next visit.

The prop your hips up bit sure is ironic, eh??

At 14 August, 2007 18:46, Blogger DinosaurD said...

But smaller is better with a natural birth, no? I know it's hard not to worry but it doesn't sound like you are very far from average (ah, with regards to baby size only of course).

At 15 August, 2007 10:10, Anonymous Nina said...

Not much wisdom to come with. Just wanting to reassure you that things can look completely different at the next appointment.

I smiled at the prop your hips up comment though. Like Thalia though I have a hard time understanding how this can work, given the fact that gravity should be pulling the heavy head DOWNwards...?

Thinking of you.

At 19 August, 2007 14:57, Anonymous Sarah said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the size on the ultrasounds. My whole pregnancy they estimated that the girl was heavier than the boy, but when they arrived it was completely the opposite. Reason for the confusion: he is much taller than they expected and the measurements that they use (ie. girth, head circumference and length of femur) don't account for actual length.

I may not get back to the computer before you deliver--good luck! Can't wait to hear more.


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