Saturday, September 22, 2007

34w5d: Caution, yes. Panic, no.

In brief: no more work, doctor's orders. Breech, c-section, epidural no longer top concern.

Yesterday we had another check-up with our ob/gyn. She measured the Insider on all sides during the echo and wasn't entirely satisfied with the baby's growth. Head measures right on track, but the belly and limbs measure behind. This is a sign that the baby has to prioritize where it spends the energy and nutrients it gets. Also, the Insider is a rather quiet baby, though of course I can't compare.

Basically, the doctor ordered me to stop working immediately and take lots of rest. Hopefully, this will help the Insider grow as much as possible in the coming weeks.
She also wants to see me twice a week for monitoring and keep a kick diary.

I hadn't expected that, which made me react somewhat flustered. Drop everything at work, just like that?

Then big words were spoken, like 'risk pregnancy' and 'placenta insufficiency'.  The doctor wants to monitor the Insider closely. For now he or she is better off in the womb than outside. Depending on how things develop, this might change, though right now there's no reason to think it would.

In two weeks, the baby will be 'normal term' and that's what we're aiming for. Apparently, in cases like these, leaving the baby in longer (to week 38, 39 or 40) doesn't help much. Once born - and well fed - we have every reason to expect the baby to thrive, our doctor reassured us.

As we were driving to the appointment, I was thinking that fretting about epidurals and c-sections isn't so bad as worries go. Premonition? Just coincidence, I'm sure.

In a way, being ordered to quit working is a bit of a relief. Work was starting to weigh rather heavy on me, but pulling the plug early without 'just cause' wasn't something I was considering. After all, I feel fine. So fine in fact, that I'll have to watch myself not to overdo it at home either.

This morning, I went to the clinic for a long monitoring session, as requested by the doctor. Thankfully, everything looked fine. Insider's heartbeat was good, activity level sufficient and my blood pressure is good too. Next check-up is on Tuesday.



At 22 September, 2007 01:59, Blogger lucky #2 said...

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At 22 September, 2007 02:01, Blogger lucky #2 said...

Oh, Lut. I am sure this news was upsetting as it was so unexpected! But, what of your struggle hasn't been unexpected? I am so grateful that your doctor is going to monitor the Insider closely to make sure he/she is delivered safely when needed. How great that you are 34 weeks already...take it easy, my friend.

Sorry I deleted the last message...too many typos!

At 22 September, 2007 04:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure it is scary hearing this news. It does sound like the Insider will be watched closely. I hope you take it easy for the next few weeks. The Insider will be here before you know it.

At 22 September, 2007 04:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you can take it easy over the next couple of weeks Lut. I am sending enormously positive thoughts of growth to the insider. Take care of yourself and the little one.

At 22 September, 2007 04:51, Blogger Bea said...

I'm glad you're not panicking. It certainly sounds like you're getting all the monitoring you need. Hope things continue in the best possible way - just enough extra time to get things nice and ready in there, and then hale and hearty into the world.


At 22 September, 2007 08:18, Blogger MsPrufrock said...

You may remember that P was born at 36 weeks and was fine, if not a touch small (just under 6lbs). A pediatrician in the hospital said that she wasn't in any way considered premature by the doctors - that designation was reserved for the 22, 25, and 28 weekers in the Special Care unit.

You have made it to almost 35 weeks, a HUGE hurdle to overcome. If you can take solace in something it's that you're almost there, and you're at the stage where the baby can be healthy and safe without the concern of prematurity.

Good luck, and make sure you do rest, even if you can't really relax.

At 22 September, 2007 14:47, Anonymous Meg said...

Yep, as you know, the insider is past the point of "not being fine." Take the next few weeks easy, Lut! I know leaving work suddenly is a shock to the system -I had to (obviously) do that too.

Hugs to you. x

At 22 September, 2007 22:21, Blogger Anna said...

Take it easy and no panicking! IT's good that you have another appointment on Tuesday and that they'll keep checking up on the Insider. I can't believe you're so close! Wow! I'm wishing you all the best and will check in on you on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend! (And no more work)!!

At 22 September, 2007 22:39, Blogger katty said...

Hey. I'm glad you are being monitored. You are so close now... I had mine at 37 and a half weeks - like you I discovered a problem right close to the end and had to be monitored - and the babies were small but fine.
If you are going to have to take time off work then ENJOY IT. Sleep a lot, and eat a lot and read a trashy magazine or too, or watch a dvd. really. you need to rest up for the sleepless nights ahead.
Rest well and good luck to the two of you. You'll be meeting soon.

At 23 September, 2007 20:01, Blogger Ladybug Ann said...

Take care!

At 24 September, 2007 17:41, Anonymous A.M.S. said...

Kick back and take it easy!

At 25 September, 2007 06:42, Blogger soralis said...

Sorry about the worrying news. Hope you are able to relax, put your feet up and grow that baby! Good luck

At 25 September, 2007 09:39, Blogger Bumble said...

Happy to hear they're taking steps to keep a very close eye on the Insider from now on. Sorry you had to get this news at all though. And do rest and take care, not long now until your little one is in your arms. x

At 25 September, 2007 14:38, Blogger Angie said...

Sorry to hear about the news. I hope you're able to relax.


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