Sunday, June 29, 2008

8 months 2 weeks - inside and out

In brief: all is well, we're content. I've got a new job, start in September.

Linnea is 8 months and 2 weeks old. For 8 months and 2 weeks I carried
her inside of me, and for the same amount of time I've cared for her
outside of me, thankfully with the help of DH.

She's still a sweet-tempered and (in my eyes) adorable baby. We count
our lucky Zzzz's that she sleeps well at night, except when she wakes
herself coughing.

She fairly content with us as parents, I think. We try to anticipate
her needs, food, sleep, new diaper, entertainment, ... though we don't
always get it right. Nothing a bit of scolding won't solve, or
howling, if need be. Dad is great fun to play around with, exciting
little games rewarded with giggles and shrieks of laughter. Mommy,
while less exhilerating, provides comfort, even in the middle of the

Linnea isn't crawling yet, but she seems to want to pull herself
upright in her playpen. Luckily we lowered it a level a week ago.
What better to do on the playmat than toppling over her box of toys so
she can wade in them. She has more toys than she can chew, but she
does her best.

Our little girl is developing at a steady pace, but it's so gradual we
don't often catch it happening.

And what have I been doing besides blogging? I have to confess I've
been suffering from a severe ebay addiction, shallow I know, but
thrifty and fun too.
I've also put reading blogs before writing my own posts. I try to
comment, but don't always have much to say. Somehow "I felt like that
but then I had Linnea" doesn't come across as very supportive. And
even if I leave the last part out, which I make a point of doing, I
wonder whether I'm twisting the knife just by commenting at all.

Work has been so-so. Actually, after much inwardly debating and
dithering I've decided to quit my career and trade it for a job. To
my surprise, I've even found a new job already. I won't need to
retrain much (as I feared), because it's in the same field, just with
a notch or two less ambition required. I won't start there until this
fall. First I need to wrap up at my current job.
Hopefully I won't be moving from a rock to a hard place, but I'll have
to wait and see.