Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In brief: Happy birthday Linnea. Less work, more blog! (If only)

Last weekend we celebrated Linnea's first birthday. It feels
incredible, but we do in fact have a one-year-old in the house. We've
managed to keep our precious girl safe, healthy and generally happy
for an entire year. Hopefully we'll manage to do the same for many
more years, despite what life may throw at us. I can't help but think
in those terms.

We had family and friends over for a small party. I made a crown for
the birthday
girl, which she wore for all of 30 seconds (not consecutively).
Linnea was spoiled with gifts, and was - as predicted - most
interested in the wrapping paper.

Amongst her gifts was one teddy bear and to my great surprise it was
love at first sight. She grabbed the teddy and buried her face
straight into it. So cute.
Before, she hadn't shown too much interest in cuddly toys.

There are still traces of baby in Linnea, but she's more and more of a
toddler. She's not walking or standing on her own, but pulls herself
up whenever she can. Holding tight to the coffee table, she can walk
around it. She has a little cart to push, but hasn't figured out how
to use it yet.

Words are still beyond her, though she certainly understands one or
two (milk, for instance). She babbles of course, and sometimes
mamamama or babababa comes out, by accident.

My new job is keeping me busy, but I hope things will calm down in a
month or so. This is my current excuse for being such a bad blogger,
but I'm afraid mommy blogging is just not for me.
Which reminds me I owe you a post about my appointment with the
psychologist to talk about possibly donating.