Saturday, January 31, 2009

Familiar feeling

In brief: FET cycle started. Bets on when transfer will be are open.

Cycle day 1 rolled around last week (oh joy!). Today, I had my first
monitoring appointment for our FET. Though some details have changed
at the RE's office, it felt so very familiar.

The magic wand revealed one dominant follicle, at 13 mm on CD7, and a
number of smaller ones. Did I mention that my cycles have been pretty
regular since having Linnea? I'm quite amazed, and a tiny bit annoyed
since every 4 weeks is a bit too often to my liking (I know I
shouldn't complain).

Anyone want to hazard a guess when transfer might be?
Considering a textbook cycle, ovulation would be next friday and
transfer 3 days later? Reading my posts from two years ago (that
long?!), I gather we're supposed to have an 8-cell 3-day embryo in the

Since this is an unmedicated FET-cycle, I don't have to do much,
except have u/s and bloodwork done. I'm not too well prepared. I
forgot to ask the RE whether I should have had my immunity for rubella
checked again, as well as immunity for toxoplasmosis.

I'm excited to be doing this cycle (while trying to remain realistic).
In all honesty, I'm already thinking ahead to doing a fresh cycle
afterwards. To avoid delays, I'm taking care of the (minor) paperwork
involved now.

I really hope we make it to transfer. With only a single embryo on
ice I guess the odds are 50%.


At 31 January, 2009 01:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you won't need that fresh cycle.

At 31 January, 2009 03:17, Anonymous survivingttc said...

how exciting and good luck! How amazing that we are cycling again together.
One step at a time - don't look too far ahead and already think about fresh - the frozen just might work!!! :)
Will you have another sono? I guess I will bet on a textbook cycle and say that Monday will be your transfer day!
My cycles have been regular too! Potential transfer is planned on the 11th if sono goes well.

At 31 January, 2009 07:21, Blogger Soralis said...

Good luck! I too am hoping you don't need a fresh cycle. They are so expensive.

Take care

At 31 January, 2009 12:42, Blogger Sara said...

Good luck! I hope you won't need that fresh cycle too.

At 31 January, 2009 18:17, Blogger Aurelia said...

You never know, this just might work! I'm very happy for you.

At 02 February, 2009 21:57, Blogger lucky #2 said...

Isn't it funny how even when you have taken a successful break, when you start again it is like you never left?

Hopefully, this cycle will bring Linnea a little sibling!


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