Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Making haste

In brief: Thaw scheduled for Friday, with some luck transfer on Saturday,

Yesterday was the second monitoring session for the FET. The dominant
follicle measured very big, I didn't quite catch the exact amount of
mm. The doctor mentioned I might need to administer a trigger shot.
Uh-oh. That made me realize, I gave away all my needles, my sharps
container and don't have prescriptions at home, let alone meds. Shows
how ill prepared I am. The kind doc gave me a promotional pack of
needles etc. for fertility treatment, courtesy of big a drug company.
He also wrote a new prescription.

And to think I almost hadn't gone to the doc for an u/s but just to
the lab for another blood draw! I would have been home, at night,
without any meds, after closing hours of all pharmacies.

I'm on pins and needles for the thaw results. I can hardly think of
anything else.


At 03 February, 2009 21:57, Anonymous Nina said...

Oh I have been sooo bad at commenting lately, but following along as you maybe noticed:)? I wish you nothing but luck for the thaw and subsequent steps. I know and understand that you are anxious, excited and very nervous about this... but boy am I hopeful for you.

Good for you you went to the doc, and thank god for promotional needle supplies (hihi sounds kind of funny). Good luck also with the trigger shot. Thinking of you on friday. I'll have google chat going in case you need to chat. Loads of hugs and my fingers are soo crossed. /N

At 04 February, 2009 06:06, Blogger Soralis said...

Good luck!

At 04 February, 2009 17:42, Blogger Isabel said...

I wish you good luck! Hope it all goes well.

At 05 February, 2009 03:52, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

Wishing you all the best for this, and beyond!


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