Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The schedule

In brief: extra-long IVF protocol, due to DH's fever. CD1 tomorrow.
Too young for tantrums?

Today I had my appointment with the RE to schedule our next IVF
attempt. Not a day too soon, because CD1 is tomorrow (prelude started
this afternoon). Luckily I filled my bcp prescription immediately
after the appointment.

I had forgotten how long a single IVF attempt takes. The schedule
proposed by the RE would have me starting stims in the first week of
april, that's more than a month away!

This is the plan:
Take bcp for +/-6 weeks
Start sniffing +/- 5 weeks
Wait for period
Baseline echo 4 days later
Start stims baseline echo ok.
You know the rest.

Why 6 weeks of bcp? My RE now said that there should be 6 to 8 weeks
between DH's fever and retrieval (last time he told me 4 to 5 weeks).
I asked whether I could take bcp longer, rather than wait a cycle.
Fine, was the reply.
I'm not entirely certain it's wise (will I be oversupressed?), but if
my doctor says it's ok, I trust him.

I'm trying hard not to give in to negative feelings about this cycle,
mostly I'm doing ok.
Speaking of optimism. Remember that application for a spot in daycare
I put in? It was refused. They won't register our application because
I didn't fill in a due date on the form. Why then did the
administrator fail to mention this requirement, when I expressly asked
whether they needed to know more than the projected start date of the
child at daycare. Grrr. Apparantly, the administrator had added a due
date to the form further than 9 months in the future (well, that's
accurate). And the computer said 'no'.

Was it Shakespeare who said, "Bureaucrat, know thyne own rule"?

If it's due dates they want, I can calculate those. But I'm sure they
won't be pleased if I call them back each month to postpone them. It
won't do me any good either. Ugh. I'm forgetting about daycare for the
time being.

Meanwhile, Linnea is doing great on two feet. She has surprised me
recently with a few tantrums though. No major hysterics yet, but a
sneak preview of what's to come? I keep telling her she's too young
for tantrums, those are for terrible two's, not cute 16-month-olds.
She just keeps screaming.


At 19 February, 2009 01:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long IVF. Hopefully good outcome.

At 19 February, 2009 06:41, Blogger Soralis said...

Good luck with IVF... not much fun but wishing you a great result!

Hope the tantrums don't get any worse. One of my boys used to bang his head on the floor it was horrible! I used to grab him when he started but it didn't help!

At 21 February, 2009 09:35, Blogger Sparkle said...

Jeez I'm sorry I missed all the sh** around here!
Glad you're going straight to another cycle ...

At 23 February, 2009 02:43, Blogger Bea said...

Tantrums are for 2yo's? Nobody told PB. He does these breath-holding ones (usually he doesn't get that upset unless he's already tired) if he doesn't get his own way sometimes. Somebody said it's all about being able to properly distract them from their aim - ha! And that's why you should take the opinions of anyone with only one child with a grain of salt.


At 25 February, 2009 04:00, Blogger Larisa said...

That is a long cycle. Good luck, hope the time goes by quickly for you.

At 12 March, 2009 13:50, Blogger beagle said...

Good Luck with this cycle.

And on the tantrums, I was recently (a silent) participant in a conversation about this. The most experienced mom declared, very firmly, that 18 months is the worst age because they are getting more independant (aks getting into everything) but still not able to understand reason (as she claimed a 2 yr old starts to be able to.)

So maybe 2 will actually be easier???

I'll let you know when I get there!



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