Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Here we go

Last week I finished the 6 weeks of BCP and had the baseline U/S. All was quiet in there so by now I might have been stimming, if only there were no such thing as doctors taking holidays. I can start this Thursday, finally.

What are the odds of me needing only 8 days of stims? This would put the trigger shot on Friday 17th of June April. In that scenario, I would be able to attend a work thing abroad.

My guess is the odds are close to zero. With Gonal-F, I only stimmed for 8 days. With Menopur, I needed just under 2 weeks!

Oh well, work things can be postponed or worked around, usually.

First checkup next week on Wednesday.

Tell me why this rubs me the wrong way:
You know, if this attempt doesn't work, you shouldn't let it get you down too much. After all, normal couples don't always get PG at once either.

Of course, it would be handy if it were like water falling off a ducks back with failed attempts. Not in this lifetime. Sigh.

You've gotta fight, for your right, to feel blue!

ETA: Oops, I did mean 17th of April, not June!!!


At 09 April, 2009 13:12, Blogger m said...

Please say you mean Friday 17 April - coz 17 June is a LOOOOOONNNNGGGG time to stim, even for me!

And as for why it rubs you the wrong way- well, it just does. So what if people don't get pg straight away? Doesn't me you're any less invested in this cycle, or any one particular month.
Keep fighting!

At 10 April, 2009 05:06, Blogger Bea said...

Somebody is telling you how to feel about a failed IVF cycle, which is enough in itself, but they're doing it based on a false comparison between how one responds to a failed attempt at an invasive and costly procedure (costly in a financial, time, emotional sense) and how one responds to just going about one's normal business and not getting lucky. Obviously, the two are not the same, and nobody should expect you to feel the same way about it.

That said, I take their point that statistically one failed cycle doesn't mean you can't get pregnant ever. Pretty weak point, but I suppose they were trying to help.

Good luck.


At 11 April, 2009 11:55, Blogger Sparkle said...

Wow you've started stims, awesome.

Sounds to me like a doctor with a line like that ...

At 15 April, 2009 09:51, Blogger Sara said...

That analogy never did much for me either. Somehow having sex not result in a baby on a single try doesn't strike me as equivalent to having a jillion dollars, a ton of drugs, and a lot of high-tech medical intervention not result in a baby. I can see why it rubs you the wrong way. Failed cycles suck, and knowing that makes starting a cycle so hard.

Good luck hon!


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