Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Not so fast

In brief: FET a no-go. Linnea loves the potty!

U/S this morning was promising, lining thickening and one follicle had grown to 15 mm (amongst quite a number of smaller ones). I left for work on a positive note, and spent the day accordingly.
Later the nurse called, my FET is cancelled! My E2 level was only 35, woefully low and there's no time to let it climb sufficiently before our holiday.

In hindsight, I should have done the medicated cycle as the RE intended originally (I ran out of meds, remember). Though I must say I was happy to be off of medication for the time being. Perhaps I could suggest Clomid for next time?

Disgruntled, that sums up how I feel. I had hoped to get the FET over and done with now. Preferably with a transfer, but quite possibly without. Next chance to do anything is August, that seems so very far away. Also the question "to survive the thaw or not to survive the thaw" will bug me for the coming months. Any suggestions on how to forget about the whole TTC#2 affair for a month or two?
The holiday should help. Staying away from IF boards perhaps too. And blogs? I may lay low for a while, or not.

My problem solving friend helpfully reminded me that now I can enjoy my holiday in peace. True, very true, but today I'm allowing myself to feel disgruntled. Possibly tomorrow too.

In completely unrelated news, Linnea loves her potty! We're not potty-training as such, but introduced the potty a few months ago just to let her get used to the idea. At daycare, they started at about the same time. Surprisingly, Linnea loves her potty. She sits on it like it's a throne, reads a book, calls friends on her mobile phone* or plays with her shape sorter. At first, she didn't get what it was for, except for sitting - which she insisted on doing whenever she caught sight of her potty. Taking off the diaper first, that hadn't registered yet.
She's making progress though. While she doesn't ask for the potty yet when she needs to go, when I offer her the potty she does make use of the opportunity. With the cloth diapers, it's certainly worth her while. I just hope she's potty-trained before she understands what the "baby dry" ads are for on TV, otherwise I may have an uprising on my hands.

* Not a working phone.