Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We interrupt the waiting for a brief burst of activity

This Thursday I have a consult with my RE, for a Q&A session (I hope).

When I walk out of his office, I want to know whether or not to do a double embryo transfer (if two are available) in our next fresh cycle.
I'm leaning towards "yes, definitely!". But I'd like to know the twin rate and associated risks, if only to keep me awake at night fretting.
To be honest, I don't know if knowing any of this leads to better decisions. Either I go ahead with it, and naively assume it won't happen to me (twins, complications). Or I don't, and regret it later if/when another fresh cycle fails and the FETs crashland.

I also want to know if there's any point in changing the freezing protocol. What if we freeze at day 2 or try to make it to day 5?
3 frozen embryos failing to thaw is not enough to draw conclusions. However, at our current rate, we're never going to make near enough to do so. I've lost my belief in FETs working for us.

Which brings me back to DET. Yes, definitely.

I don't know what DH is thinking though. He's the quiet type, and usually clams shut tighter if prodded. Which is why I'm insisting he comes tot he consult with me.

Having twins is a daunting idea to me. It's daunting like driving my car in morning rush hour on the highway, I don't know where to look first and in the corner of my eye I see one near-collision after another (real or imagined). Experienced twin parents may feel I'm overreacting, and I sure hope I am, but that's how I feel.
I'm also concerned whether it would push my husband and me over the edge.

Any tips on what I could ask our RE?


At 08 September, 2009 22:29, Anonymous Mrs. Hope said...

I struggled with the same questions. The conclusion I came to was based simply on the amount of risk - it wasn't high enough in my case and in our decision making process to make transferring two a bad decision.

Unfortunately, only you and your husband know the amount of risk that is okay for you.

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. You've so perfectly hit the nail on the head with the two most recent ones.

At 09 September, 2009 06:49, Blogger Soralis said...

Good luck with your decision you can only do what is best for you.

I don't blame you for being concerned about twins!


At 09 September, 2009 10:29, Anonymous Nina said...

J and I are (and were) very concerned about twins. While we did IUIs with two eggs before, we will only do natural cycles now (and only cycles where there is one egg). And yes, I know that feeling on the highway too...

Good luck at the appointment and yes, do bring hubby for support. Hugs

At 10 September, 2009 21:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I would ask if there was anything that would help improve egg/sperm quality to make better embryos. Maybe a different protocol for you or a vitamin for your husband.

I would also base a lot of my decision making with a double embryo transfer based on embryo quality. If you had two rockstar quality embroys with no fragementation and stellar grades, I may consder one. If there were two so-so embryos with barely passing marks, I would go for them both. So, I guess for me, a lot of it would be situational.

I hope the appointment goes well.

At 12 September, 2009 07:07, Blogger Sparkle said...

I agree with MR, when the time comes make your decision based on the embryos you have.

If, say you have, two high quality and one abit slow - that maybe won't make it to freeze - transfer 1 hq and the slow one and freeze the third.

If you end up with an abundance of top quality, go with one.

My current thinking on 'when' - no earlier than Day 3. At that stage, your embyros have developed beyond just maternal genes - and you have the best idea on quality. Going to blast - depends on how great your clinic is with them?


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