Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little low

I just got the phone call from the clinic, earlier than expected. Only 5 eggs were mature out of 11, which isn't fabulous. Of those 5, only 3 fertilized with ICSI.
3 out of 5 isn't bad, but 3 out of 11 isn't good either. I'm a little disappointed.

There's no obvious explanation for the low maturity rate. The lab was surprised because the eggs let go of the follicles easily during retrieval, which suggests maturity.

At least 3 isn't 0. We still have a chance. In the cycle that led to Linnea's birth, we only had 2 embryo's at this stage (out of 6 eggs retrieved in total).

Still, I can't help but seeing it as a bad sign. Fingers crossed we have something to transfer on Saturday. And if (big if, knock on wood, sprinkle salt, etc.) there is more than one left, perhaps we should rethink our decision on how many to transfer.

Now, I'm back off to bed, because the flu-like symptoms are still here.


At 29 October, 2009 15:46, Blogger Heather said...

Three is better than zero. But I know you were hoping for more.

Thinking of you and holding lots of hope over here for you!!

At 29 October, 2009 20:54, Anonymous Mrs. Hope said...

It's so hard - I know and you know 3 is better than 0, but we also know this is a numbers game. Hoping that you've got a great one in the three.

Feel better.

At 29 October, 2009 23:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoping for good quality embryos. Then it won't matter as much that there aren't as many.

At 30 October, 2009 00:14, Blogger DinosaurD said...

But you're a (veritable) baby yourself so those eggs should do well now, right?
Fingers crossed over here and I am so hopeful (yes, me hopeful) that this cycle will work.
Take care Lut

At 30 October, 2009 00:47, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

Hoping along with everyone else that you win the numbers game with quality over quantity... and a result like your lovely Lin.nea.

And I hope you feel better soon!

At 30 October, 2009 01:14, Blogger Sara said...

For what it's worth, I only had two eggs on the cycle I got pregnant with Eggbert. It IS a numbers game, yes, probabilistically, but there is also a huge luck factor. I really hope that your lucky embryo is among those three.

At 30 October, 2009 03:58, Blogger Cowspanker said...

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At 30 October, 2009 03:59, Blogger Sparkle said...

Hoping you have three high quality embryos there.
I'm sure you won't breath till Saturday.
I agree with your thinking - see how things are going with the embryos and decide if you want to transfer more than one.
Fingers crossed.

At 30 October, 2009 10:33, Anonymous Kath said...

Dear Lut, I am hoping with all my heart that one of those three becomes a little brother or sister for Linnea. I'll be thinking of you and continuing to send good vibes your way for Saturday and beyond.

Oh, and I hope you feel better soon!


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