Saturday, December 05, 2009

The little cycle that wouldn't

So, here we are, trying to do a FET. Three times I've been to the RE for an U/S and bloodwork, over a span of 2 weeks, but we aren't any closer to a transfer date.
Something is going on in there, my lining is developing slowly, very slowly. Each ovary showed a lovely amount of small follicles, but none is taking the lead. My E2 levels refuse to rise.

It crossed my mind to ask my RE if I couldn't convert to an IVF, seeing all those follicles going to waste. Unfortunately, there's no point in asking. The clinic is closing for a week after Christmas, which would be about the time for a retrieval in such a scenario.

I shouldn't be surprised about the sluggish cycle. The exact same thing happened with the FET we tried straight after our first fresh cycle of this year. That time, I had to pull the plug because we were leaving on holiday. This time, there's still some time to wait and see, and take some estrogen pills.

Juggling the appointments with work keeps me well occupied, so much that I almost forget that I'm just expecting another thaw fail phone call at the end of this.

Speaking of failures, I've made an appointment with Bigger Clinic, to do just that. We have to wait until February, but that's still sooner than I expected. In any case I'm taking some time off from A.R.T. after this FET attempt. I'm sick of it and it is making me blue.

Fortunately, I've taken some time off around Christmas to spend lots and lots of time with Linnea. Sing songs, splash in puddles, make drawings, ... She's been asking us "what's that" all the time. Soon it'll be "why? why? why?".


At 06 December, 2009 02:06, Blogger Sara said...

Ugh. Nothing's ever easy, is it. Here's hoping that things shape up and you can get this show on the road.

(I'm also hoping for a wonderful outcome, of course.)

At 06 December, 2009 17:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoping your body cooperates. . .

I know, easier said than done.

At 09 December, 2009 19:57, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

Thinking of you - and so happy that you have upcoming holidays with Linnea to distract you from things.

At 11 December, 2009 02:02, Blogger Heather said...

So sorry it doesn't seem your body is cooperating. I'm thinking good thoughts for you. Love when they start asking "What's that?" It may seem your answering endless questions, but remind yourself that asking questions is a sign of intelligence.


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