Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mrs. Sniff-a-lot-agus

(Who? A distant cousin of Mr. Snuffleupagus, of Sesame Street fame)

A bit to my surprise, I find myself sniffing again 6 times per day.
I'm jotting down dates for blood draws and U/S appointments. There are
meds in the fridge and I have a protocol. So much for the break. Oh
well, it was getting old.

Last week we went to Bigger Clinic's injection (+ paper signing)
class. After that, we'd decide whether or not to switch, thinking we'd
have to wait another cycle or two anyhow.

Only, they told us we could start straight away, based on where I was
in my cycle. Day 21 blood draw two days later, go ahead to start
supressants the day after that. Whoosh!
Sign me up, I said, and DH - to my surprise - agreed straight away.

Ironically - given all the thought I put into it - we don't qualify
for the I.M.S.I. study. So, as rational reasons to switch go, mine are
flimsy. Because except for logistics, basically everything will be the

Speaking of logistics, the fun started right away the day after. I had
to guestimate my latest CD1 for the coordinator - the only piece of
information I hadn't brought with me to the clinic. Of course, coming
home I checked and saw I had guessed wrong.
Next day, on arriving at work I phone the coordinator to tell her,
expecting her to simply reschedule me for a month later. "No, why
don't you come over here, so we can do bloodwork today - in stead of
What? Now! But that's across town!
I phone the lab down the street from my office whether they could the
necessary blood work, and fax the results to the clinic on time ...
"Um, I dunno - I'll ask the tecnician - please hold ... please hold
... please hold ... still occupied, wait I'll give you the direct
number". Phone technician directly, "Um, I dunno". Grrrrr. Phone cab,
rush across town, hop skip to clinic and gasp at full waiting room.
Bigger clinic? Ginormous clinic! Luckily, not everyone is waiting for
the same thing as I am and I don't have to wait too long - still I
don't arrive back at work before lunch.

Slapstick - part of ART is pure slapstick.