Monday, April 19, 2010

All aboard!

This morning was a flurry of activity, packing Linnea's things and
driving her over to her grandparents to stay for a few days.
Good thing, because the call I was waiting for all morning came after
11 o'clock. Big relief, instructions to come to the clinic this
afternoon for transfer.

Bigger Clinic has perfected the art of keeping the suspense alive. On
the phone, all they told me was there would be a transfer. Once I
arrived (an hour early), they showed me my room, let me get into the
fun hospital attire, made me wonder whether they'd forgotten about me
as my appointed time for transfer came and went (by only 15 minutes, I
admit), then wheeled me to the OR waiting area, parked me for another
10 minutes and finally moved me to the transfer room. Then, and only
then, did we get some details about what had gone on in the 5 days
since retrieval.

There were 5 eggs, out of which 4 fertilized. On day three all of them
were of good to very good quality, which is why they decided to wait
until day 5. In that time, 2 embryos arrested and 2 kept on
developing. Both of these were transferred today.
The embryologist pointed out that the embryo's were not of top
quality, unfortunately. He emphasized the fact even, which rather
alarmed me. Not of top quality, is that mediocre, rubbish? Perhaps it
showed on my face, because he went on to say the were viable,
"pregnancies have been reported with this grade of embryos". Still
not quite reassuring, reported as in "regular occurance" or as in
"holy cow, what a miracle'!". Given that I was facing a doctor, and
not a journalist, I want to believe he meant mediocre. Finally, he
told me to remain hopeful, because there was reason enough for hope.

If only happy thoughts and hope came in pills!

I must admit I suffered less under the lack of information the past 5
days than I feared. I have Linnea to thank for this, she's the best
form of distraction imaginable. When I got home from the clinic, she
wanted me to read to her and then spontaneously gave me a big hug - a
rare treat.


At 19 April, 2010 21:52, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

Very interesting differences with Bigger Clinic.

I think that's a pretty good fert rate, and totally normal rate for survival to 5 days.

I sure hope that at least one of your "not top quality" embryos decides to stick around for a while. I do know of plenty of anecdotal evidence of women becoming pg with less than perfect embryos - becoming more than perfect children. So, I'll keep hoping for you!

At 19 April, 2010 21:53, Anonymous Kath said...

Dear Lut, oh wow what a nail-biter! I'm so glad the transfer went well, and I hope that, in the comfy environment of your womb, the embryos will perk right up and become glorious -- and feel right at home, so that one attaches itself firmly and stays for the long haul. Keeping everything crossed for as long as it takes.

And Linnea is a sweetheart.

At 20 April, 2010 00:39, Blogger Winnifred said...

that sounds like our Big Clinic. (the only one I've used) They run the details of the embryos WHILE THE SPECULUM IS IN and I freak out -- asking could we PLEASE maybe do ONE THING AT A TIME? They run the details and say "so what do you want to do?" while the dr. is all but taping his foot, waiting.

Fingers crossed -- and I too wish happy thoughts and hope (and LUCK!!) came in pill form. Injections even!!

thinking of you!

At 20 April, 2010 00:40, Blogger Anna said...

Oh Lut, I'm wishing you the very best on this one. As for the quality issue, we transferred a "textbook example", excellent quality embryo which went nowhere. On our last cycle, we transferred two very average, meh embryos - and one of those turned out to be my very healthy, bright son who just turned four. I'm keeping everything crossed. Hang in there...

At 20 April, 2010 01:37, Blogger Sara said...

Eggbert came from a "so-so" (at best, the other was "very poor") embryo, and she is anything but "so-so." I wish you had more to put in the freezer, obviously, but it sounds like you have quite a good chance. Good luck!

At 20 April, 2010 03:19, Anonymous Mrs. Hope said...

Well, I hope that you really can't judge these embies by their covers. I know we've transferred loads of "perfect" embryos with no luck, so I'm all for not-perfect embryos.

Good luck.

At 20 April, 2010 13:09, Blogger Bea said...

Suspense indeed.

I think doctors are sometimes inclined to be pessimistic. In any case, I'll be waiting til beta to see what happens. (They do give you a beta, don't they? They don't make you just wait to see if you pop a baby out in 8-9 months?)


At 20 April, 2010 15:09, Blogger Heather said...

I don't think I would have dealt with the lack of communication as gracefully as you have!!!

Sending lots of good thoughts!

At 20 April, 2010 17:56, Blogger Thalia said...

thank heavens indeed for our lovely daughters. So glad you had 2 to transfer at day 5, that's got to be good news out of 5 total retrieved. Everything I've read in the literature about this says that most of the criteria embryologists use to grade embryos are NOT related to success, so I would certainly have hope at this point.

At 20 April, 2010 19:55, Blogger Molly said...

Fingers crossed!


At 20 April, 2010 20:43, Blogger statia said...

Good luck!


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