Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hidden treasure

In brief: cycle is going well. Linnea is a big girl with a diaper habit.

Last Friday, I went for my baseline scan. Finally, after 3 weeks of
just sniffing.
The U/S shows 7 small follicles on the right and just one on the left.
I don't remember ever getting numbers before at the baseline scan, so
I can't compare. But it's something to work with.

Saturday, I started the injections. Linnea caught me preparing my
injection the other day, and yelled "me stick mommy!". Perhaps she
remembers needles from her vaccinations (and wants revenge) because I
have no idea where else she would have seen a syringe. I grumbled and
left the room mid-preparation.

Yesterday, I had a small mishap with one of the bottles with powder,
as I held the bottle upsidedown to pull every last drop into the
syringe, I noticed it was leaking!
Luckily, this happened with the first one of the three I have to use.
So I fetched an extra bottle and restarted the mixing process. The
leaky bottle still had a bit left - I couldn't bear to just throw it
away - so I added the rest to my prescribed dose.
My good resolution to stick to the protocol I ignored for a second.

Today I had my first check-up U/S appointment. The follicles on the
right side had grown, on the left some new ones had appeared.

About the cycle as a whole, I'm not feeling too excited yet. It feels
like I'm doing this out of stubbornness. Experiments have shown that
nothing is so persistent as behavior that is rewarded only once in a

Linnea is 2,5 years old. She's a girl's girl much more than I was/am.
She loves putting on lip balm, sorting out the stuff in her handbag
and twirling around in a skirt.
She's no longer a toddler, but more and more acts and talks like a
kindergartener. She won't actually be attending kindergarten until
after summer though. First we have to figure out how to potty train
her. We suspect she simply doesn't want to take the time to drop
whatever she's doing and go to the toilet. What else is her diaper
for? The few times I've let her run around bare tushed she did ask for
the potty. Now that summer is approaching, we may just have to try
that strategy more often.


At 08 April, 2010 21:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish you many more years of diapers. And not with Linnea.

At 08 April, 2010 23:03, Blogger Kath said...

Dear Lut, so Linnea is helpfully sadistic (I liked her offer to stick you) and a persistent, convenience-loving diaper user, eh? Sounds just like Banana. (The girly girl bit, not so much...)

I'm so glad your cycle is going well. My fingers are firmly crossed for the whole deal!

At 09 April, 2010 00:57, Blogger Sara said...

Good luck with both the cycle and the diaper. We have made no potty progress whatsoever with Eggbert. She loves her potty, but has no interest in pooping in it.

At 09 April, 2010 13:59, Blogger Shazz said...

Lut it's good to see an update and by the sounds of it all things are growing nicely!! I dread potty training, I would keep M in diapers till he was 10 if I could lol.

At 10 April, 2010 04:32, Blogger Bea said...

Glad the cycle is going well.

I know those behavioural experiments you're talking about! I have been trying to think how to use them to induce good behaviour in PB. I didn't actually think about them in reference to IVF, but of course that works, too.

No toilet training here, as PB is frightened of sitting on any kind of potty, and doesn't mind having a dirty nappy - double bust. Good luck with that! I'm sure she'll get it eventually (as will he).



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