Thursday, April 15, 2010

High five, low five

In brief: is the glass half empty or half full?

The retrieval went well in terms of discomfort. 6 follicles were
punctured yielding 5 eggs. A few smaller follicles were left alone.
5 is definitely something to work with, but not a number that gives a
lot of margin for error. I feel a bit cheated. Is this a sign that I'm
getting old - or at least my ovaries are? The glass is half empty.

The glass is half full. It's too early to despair. The couple in the
curtain next to us got worst news than us (deja-vue from last time),
no eggs of good enough quality to continue the attempt.

About the fert report, it's true that the numbers mean little at this
stage. Except the number zero that is, but the nurse reassured me that
in such an - unlikely - event they would call as soon as they find
out. Unlikely, don't get me started. Until Saturday, my mantra will be
'no news is good news'.

Linnea meanwhile is enjoying the last of the Easter sweets. She has no
qualms whatsoever about eating the chocolate bunny's ears. Won't it
hurt the bunny - I ask her? No, no. - she replies calmly, and points
out that she also likes the bear-shaped cookies we keep in the
cupboard. She has her priorities straight, that's for sure.


At 15 April, 2010 01:56, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

5 is a decent number - but I know what you mean about expecting more. My numbers were never anything spectacular - double digits was a crazy thought!

Anyway - you're right, it could always be worse. And here's hoping that you get no news and a good % of your 5 have fertilized nicely and are waiting for you on Saturday.

Linnea sounds so smart!!

At 15 April, 2010 17:26, Blogger serenity said...

I think the mantra "no new is good news" is a very good one - not much else you can do, really. Just manage the emotion.

Fingers crossed for you.


At 15 April, 2010 19:32, Anonymous Kath said...

Dear Lut, I like your mantra. And I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hopes. XO

At 16 April, 2010 02:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linnea is clever. The bunny ears are my favourite.

Good luck Saturday.

At 16 April, 2010 14:07, Blogger strongwoman said...


Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments on my blog! I'm sorry that I haven't been returning the favor. I've been avoiding reading blogs altogether as a coping mechanism for my anxiety in this early pregnancy. I'm starting to relax enough that I feel I can rejoin the living,

I'm sorry that the egg retrieval did not yield as many eggs as you had hoped. Five is enough to work with though. I'll have my fingers crossed for a good fert report and smooth transfer. Best of luck to you.


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