Monday, May 17, 2010

A number

The postman brought some good news today. We have a number on the
domestic adoption waiting list!
It made me smile, reading our number. We made it through the first
loops of red tape! (We posted 2 letters, followed up on their arrival
and attended one meeting - hardly impressive, but it got done).

I smile, though I don't expect to hear any more from the adoption
agency this year or next year.

I smile, though I don't count on DH actually agreeing to go for
adoption in the end.

I smile, though I realize the odds of our ever being matched are not so good.

I smile, because there is a possibility.

I'm in need of possibility.


At 17 May, 2010 23:02, Blogger serenity said...

Possibility is good. Means there's HOPE.

My fingers continue to be crossed for you, Lut.


At 18 May, 2010 00:15, Anonymous Kath said...

I can imagine, dear Lut. Possibility is light coming in through the window, isn't it?

How I wish for you...

At 18 May, 2010 01:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Possibility is good.

At 18 May, 2010 04:39, Blogger Sara said...

Possibility is a great thing.

At 18 May, 2010 18:34, Blogger Molly said...

Every tiny step forward is progress! Congrats!


At 18 May, 2010 23:01, Blogger Thalia said...

Good news. Very good news. Glad that this phase seems to have passed with only a little drama. Let's hope it keeps on that way.

At 24 May, 2010 01:43, Anonymous A.M.S. said...

I'm a HUGE believer in possibility. Keeping good thoughts for you.

At 25 May, 2010 01:58, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

You know I'm wishing for possibility plus lots more for you, Lut. It is a start!

At 27 May, 2010 16:32, Anonymous statia said...

I hope something works out for you, Lut. You deserve so much more than just a possibility.


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