Saturday, September 11, 2010

11dp3dt: Hope perched precariously

In brief: don't look down. Still waiting.

Despite my not wanting to attach any significance to my bodies
signals, I have been listening.
I am still tired, though sharing Linnea's bedtime was a one-off.
I am still feeling bloated, about as much as before retrieval.
Interesting. Different from last 3 attempts, but I'm also taking 2
kinds of supplements this time.

Without in any way expecting a good result, there is a tiny ledge upon
which hope has taken perch. Good, it's helping me make it through the
wait. Hoping now won't change how I feel about the results - good or
bad. In other words, don't look down.

I could do a HPT now, but I won't fret any less until a beta gives the verdict.

Three sleeps left until beta day.


At 12 September, 2010 02:25, Blogger Sara said...

This has been the longest 2ww EVER! I've been waiting with bated breath for news, and it's still three days away from beta day? Good grief!

Good luck, Lut. I'm glad to hear that things are going OK mood-wise, anyway, and am really hoping that there's reason to celebrate soon.

At 12 September, 2010 14:58, Blogger Heather said...

Your steel will to not pee on things makes me sad and jealous. I wish I had that kind of will power and sad because I want you to PEE ON SOMETHING ALREADY!!! (but don't!)

I hate waiting. Three? Are you sure?

At 12 September, 2010 16:59, Anonymous Mrs. Hope said...

I can't believe you haven't take a test - good for you. Hoping for good two more days.

At 12 September, 2010 18:49, Blogger Roccie said...

You are almost at beta. I cannot stand the unknown. It is a rare form of torture.

I like this feeling of hope a lot. It has been snooping around the whole time, hasnt it?

I think waiting to POAS is a good idea. I got a serious MF last time.

At 13 September, 2010 02:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am anxiously waiting with you, hopefully for good news.

At 13 September, 2010 17:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am hoping.

At 13 September, 2010 21:47, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

This does seem like it was an unusually long 2ww. UGH.

Hoping for good (no - great!) news.

At 14 September, 2010 13:22, Blogger Bea said...

Yes, I'm tense, too. And glad you're hopeful. Waiting to see the result.



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