Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Faint, but there

In brief: 2 lines on the HPT!!! I'm stunned.

This morning, I lost my nerve. I woke up just before my alarm clock,
thanks to staying up late last night. Instead of rushing to test, I
decided to wait. Lets not do the day care run in tears, facing the
wealth of offspring is hard enough on days like these. Then I decided
to go and have the blood draw done first. Why go to the lab in tears?
So I went, the nice lady punctured my arm 3 times without succes, and
sent me to another lab, where luckily another lady hit the vein
straight away.
I still didn't have the nerve when I got home, but curiosity won out
over waiting by the phone all afternoon. I dipped the stick, went out
to make tea, and came back - seeing only the control line on first
glance. Then my eye fell on the faint, yet distinct, second line. I'm
stunned, honestly.

And now I'm waiting for the phone call which will hopefully confirm ...


At 14 September, 2010 14:30, Blogger Roccie said...


It isn't first morning pee. If it is there in the afternoon, I bet it is REALLY there in the AM.

At 14 September, 2010 14:33, Blogger Roccie said...

Damn smart phones. Can only talk at stop lights. Can't resist.

So happy for you!

At 14 September, 2010 14:47, Anonymous Kath said...

Oh, LUT!!!!!! Continuing to hold my breath, but with a big smile on my face.

At 14 September, 2010 15:56, Blogger Anna said...

WOW! I was really hoping this cycle would work for you, but I didn't want to write anything and jinx you. Please keep us updated. I'm praying for success!!! :D

At 14 September, 2010 17:04, Anonymous Mrs. Hope said...

hoping, hoping, hoping!!


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