Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally an excuse ... (IF rating: high)

... for having a tree that looks like a 3-year old put the decorations in.

Linnea flung herself on the box of decorations, spread everything around her on the floor, and then - very earnestly - started to put up the ornaments.
I was allowed to lend a hand, only barely. It was lovely.

I have no excuse for keeping quiet here. Do I need one?
Nothing has changed. Happy to the bursting with Linnea, in the pits about the unfruitful second round. A F(ailed)E(mbie)T(haw) in the works soon, yawn. I will be back, next year, after I finish reading the crème de la crème list.

Meanwhile, season's greetings to you all. May 2011 bring you much happiness.