Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hack. Wheeze.

I sound like a long-time chain smoker and am just as short of breath.
Only the copious amounts of snot betray that I in fact have a nasty
So nasty that I spent the better part of last week moving from the
couch to my bed or vice versa. I've improved just enough to have to go
back to work.

The fog in my head made me forget my meds repeatedly, despite the
reminders in my phone. It doesn't seem to have mattered much, because
the clinic said I'm ready for transfer this weekend. They've brazenly
'scheduled' a transfer, I prefer to think of it as unscheduling all my
other plans. I do hope the thaw will leave something to transfer, but
I'm not counting on it. And that's about as far as my hope reaches at
this point.

I'm following the news of the disastrous events in Japan with a mixture of horror, disbelief and sadness. I can't begin to imagine the loss some people there are facing.
As for the nuclear disaster, I'm reluctant to think about it too much. Inevitably, I start questioning the wisdom of bringing more children into this world.


At 15 March, 2011 22:55, Anonymous Heidi said...

Good luck with the transfer!!!

At 16 March, 2011 03:45, Blogger Roccie said...

They must come. They can save us and remind us of joy,

At 16 March, 2011 11:06, Blogger Bea said...

Unscheduling all your other plans. One way of looking at it, definitely. That said, good luck with it - your bad luck must be nearly over and done with, surely.

Definitely horrible news about Japan, although a number of engineer friends have criticised the nuclear reactor coverage as unnecessary scaremongering. Especially since the media seem to have enough of everything else to comment on at the moment, what with all the natural disasters this year. So far. In any case, it's probably no less wise to bring a child into the world than it ever was. Which is a half-empty version of saying there are good things about this world, too, which provide reason enough to celebrate the continuation of our species. Gosh, I suck at half-full versions, don't I?


At 16 March, 2011 23:34, Blogger Sara said...

Ugh. Sorry about the illness. I have bronchitis also and am not enjoying it a bit. I barely lurched through work today, and think I probably won't make it tomorrow.

I'm glad to hear that your lining is behaving, and hope that your embryo(s) will do the same. Good luck!

As for Japan, it's so awful I can't stand to think about it, but also can't stop thinking about it. What a world!

At 17 March, 2011 11:35, Blogger Vee said...

All the best with your transfer!

I had a dream last night that the world was ending. It was scary. I just can't watch any more news from Japan.

At 19 March, 2011 21:55, Blogger Larisa said...

thinking of you this weekend (and hoping you feel better by now!).

The Japan news really is awful.


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