Saturday, March 26, 2011

In hiding

Feeling low on hope is ...

... running out of folic acid twice, in one cycle.
... drinking coffee in the 2 WW.
... stocking more sanitary supplies.
... not buying HPTs - why pay good money for bad news that will be
delivered for free?

Hope is hiding, and to be honest I prefer it that way.


At 26 March, 2011 22:05, Anonymous It is what it is said...

Hiding just means out of plain sight. Hiding hope is still hope.

At 28 March, 2011 03:24, Blogger Roccie said...

You know it doesnt matter in the end, but at people who would do anything if we thought it would swing the results, I understand the significance of this statement.

At 28 March, 2011 05:47, Blogger Sparkle said...

Hoping this is a positive for you.


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