Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taking flight

The aspiration was successful. It was also uncomfortable - I'm not
even sure anesthetic was used at all. And one ovary was hard to reach.

But it worked, and with a mere 4 days delay I was allowed to start stimming.
First u/s revealed things are moving along ok.

I'm trying to predict when retrieval might be, at the end of the
upcoming week I think.

Unless I can wiggle out from under it (unlikely), I'm going to be sent
on a business trip in June. Though it will be a welcome distraction
during the 2WW, I'm a bit concerned. Is it wise to fly? Is it safe to
go through security checkpoints etc? I'd rather not do a search on the
net, because the scaremongerers outnumber the serious sources 10 to 1.

I know 'normal' women fly without qualms, but I left 'normal' behind ages ago.

Have you flown in the 2WW?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bubbles ... troubles

In brief: next attempt delayed, not yet canceled.

Somehow I forgot to post that we decided to do another cycle,
preferably before the summer.
Two weeks of suppressants duly done, so I estimated I'd start stims
right about now.

Suprise, surprise - u/s shows big round things on my ovaries.
Follicles? No - cysts, bloodwork confirms. The total lack of a period
should have been a clue.

Turns out, this a known (possible) side effect of taking suppressants
too early in a cycle.
Fab. Remind me why I had blood drawn before even starting them?

There are two options, one involves a needle, local anesthetic and
'some discomfort', the other involves more medication and at least a
month delay. Delay, ugh. Discomfort it is!

I'm feeling worn out and a bit blue, when I think about our attempt.
My mind wanders, but on failure only. And on what to do next.