Monday, July 04, 2011

Dizzying heights

In brief: plenty to see, nothing to hear.

The u/s appointment went well this morning - except for the mad dash
to get there, caused by my forgetting to turn the alarm clock on after
setting it extra early.

Straight away a black blob appeared on the monitor, right where it was
supposed to be. Lovely, and look, there was a pulsating motion to be
seen there.

Before I had time to respond, the doc swiveled the monitor towards me,
saying - and here's a second one. Also with a pulsating motion, though
a tad slower than the other (which doesn't mean much at this point).

My goodness.

Simply incredible.

This is going to take a while to sink in.

A few months back, in a group of moms conversation turned to a mom who
added twins to a family of two still young kids. Isn't that a tough
break - one mom said. I remember thinking, having twins must be tough
yes, but a kind of tough I can't help but feel a stab of envy of.
If all goes well, I will be eating those words (thoughts), many times over.

I'm shocked. I'm excited. I'm frightened.

All of the sudden, this is a high risk pregnancy. I've seen quite a
few bloggers live through those risks becoming true.

As always it's wait and see.


At 04 July, 2011 22:26, Blogger Pam said...

Congratulations! Great news!

At 04 July, 2011 22:40, Anonymous It Is What It Is said...

Well, happy 4th of July to you!

Congrats. Try to take it one thing at a time.

Speaking of, when is next u/s?

At 05 July, 2011 00:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Fingers tightly crossed.

And ITWIS is right - one thing at a time.


At 05 July, 2011 03:43, Blogger Lollipop Goldstein said...

Huge smile right now. And sending 1000 good thoughts. Congratulations!

At 05 July, 2011 03:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am sooooo cheering for you! Jen

At 05 July, 2011 10:12, Blogger Thalia said...

Wow. Just wow. I'm very happy to see a heartbeat. We'll just hold onto that right now.

At 05 July, 2011 14:39, Blogger Bea said...

Yes, ok, but let this also sink in: most of the time it goes well or at least turns out fine. And then keep your fingers crossed, like mine!

And then, speaking as an outsider who doesn't have to carry or manage twins, whoo! yay! Congrats! So exciting!


At 05 July, 2011 18:16, Blogger Reba said...

oh, wow....what wonderful news!

just try to focus on the happy endings (coming from someone with one of the unhappy i do know how hard it is to do).

i'm happy and terrified with you. :)

At 05 July, 2011 19:14, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

Wow Lut! I am excited for you, and understand that it will take a bit for this new development to sink in... keeping you and those little fluttering heartbeats in my thoughts!!

At 06 July, 2011 03:21, Anonymous mrs. hope said...

oh wow! hoping all continues well.

At 06 July, 2011 04:33, Blogger Molly said...

Wow wow WOW! Congrats!!

At 06 July, 2011 23:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering after the way the clinic said that the numbers looked very good but (I will congratulate myself here) I didn't want to even suggest it.
This is fantastic news Lut - I imagine you'll take either one or two (how is the husband holding up?)

At 07 July, 2011 02:43, Blogger Sara said...

OMG Lut! Such unexpected great news! Double congrats and best wishes for an uneventful pregnancy.

At 07 July, 2011 03:00, Anonymous Orodemniades said...

Wow, congrats!

At 08 July, 2011 09:05, Anonymous Jjiraffe said...

OMGeee!!! Wow. Just wow. Congrats!!

At 08 July, 2011 15:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Lut! I am so happy that there is good news from the scan! And times 2.

I will keep my fingers crossed for an uneventful pregnancy.

At 08 July, 2011 22:37, Blogger Heather said...

Wow! I just saw this update. I have twins that are 2yo now. We had an 8yo daughter when they were born. We're loving the chaos right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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