Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Working in halves

Very briefly before I dash off to work:

U/S showed one embryo measuring right on track. Doing fine!

The other is a different story. Much too small for its age and
heartbeat very weak.
Dr. thinks this one will vanish without a trace. There shouldn't be a
risk to the first embryo.

A brutal reminder of how fragile an early pregnancy is. Very disturbing.


At 12 July, 2011 14:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy one embryo is thriving, and I'm sorry for your loss, too.

Fingers continued to be crossed for you, Lut.

At 12 July, 2011 16:13, Blogger Sami said...

First I'm sorry about the second embryo... I'm very happy for you about the first though. Hang in there!

At 12 July, 2011 17:22, Blogger Sara said...

I'm sorry, Lut. It's good news that one continues to thrive, but I'm heartbroken to hear about yet another loss. You deserved better. Sigh.

At 12 July, 2011 18:28, Blogger Thalia said...

Oh sweetie I am so very sorry, that is awful to lose one after you hoped it was here for good.

And a quiet yaay for the one still going.

hang in there.

At 12 July, 2011 20:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lut - I just sent you an email. I am thinking of you a lot and trying to figure out how you must be feeling (maybe a little numb?) I'm sorry and I'm happy and this doesn't seem to make much sense.
Hugs (and you know I'm not the hugging type)

At 12 July, 2011 22:57, Blogger Roccie said...

I am sorry they are not both staying. I am really sorry. It must be such a scary reminder indeed.

I am relived to hear there is not a risk to the baby.

Sending my best.

At 13 July, 2011 04:04, Anonymous It Is What It Is said...

I missed this post but saw the more recent one.

I know this may sound trite, and I don't mean it to, but for now, focus on what you do have and send positive thoughts up and out.

You are very pregnant and THAT is a good thing.

At 13 July, 2011 20:38, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

Oh, Lut, I'm so sorry for the mixed emotions you must be feeling. I will keep praying for that other embryo to keep on growing! A tough place to be, for sure.


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