Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't you worry, 'bout a thing ...

In brief: all is well at 11w4d, to my enormous relief.

The 2.5 weeks since the last U/S seemed to last forever.
At first I fretted about the health of the fetus, but then DBTs simply
took over.
I was very anxious by the time I arrived at the (new) ob gyn's
practice, only just in time for my appointment.
As I spent over an hour in the waiting room, I came very near to
breaking into tears. Deep breaths, deep breaths ... and then my name
was finally called.

Fortunately, doing the U/S was the first order of business. To my
enormous relief, all looked well. The fetus is measuring right on
track, it was wiggling nicely. The nuchal fold was measured and
pronounced 'excellent'. 2 arms, 2 legs and 2 brain hemispheres were

Amazing, simply amazing.

The ob/gyn pronounced all was well and said I should no longer worry
about miscarriage.
I blinked and thought 'hahahaha, nice try'. There's plenty left to
worry about - though I do try not to overdo it.

Perhaps I ought to add some Bob Marley on my MP3 player? Any other
'don't worry' song tips?

I didn't write about it here yet, but I've decided not to go back to
my previous ob/gyn (Dr. Sunshine) for various reasons. For one, I
don't want to go back to the previous hospital either.
I've met one new ob/gyn and will probably meet another one next time.
After that, I'll see.