Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Persistence Luck Joy - happy 4th birthday

Linnea celebrated her 4th birthday today!
She has been longing for this day for months - hoping to be taller,
wiser, more skilled, ... all in one go.

I'm amazed that another year has rolled past. We've managed to keep
her safe and happy (mostly) and thanking our lucky stars for it.

This weekend, we took Linnea to a Sesame Street show (live on stage).
She was spellbound from start to finish.
Watching her enjoying the show so much was wonderful. At one point, my
emotions got the better of me, tears welled up (surreal, with Ernie
and Bert doing a happy song on stage).
This is what we fought so long for, and this is what we came close to
missing out on.

Persistence Luck Joy.

We haven't started discussing names yet - but if it weren't so very
unsuitable - this would be perfect.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

20 weeks - halfway

In brief: 20 weeks - anatomical scan went well

We've reached the halfway point, well statistically at least. I've had
the anatomical scan last week and all seems to be going very well. The
doctor was satisfied with what he saw.

Later, I told Linnea the doc thinks she'll be getting a little sister.
She replied: I think it will be a little brother.
I couldn't help but laugh - she's constantly contradicting whatever we say.

Part of the scan was in 3D (first time for me!) and I was awestruck.
Look - a baby!
Can I keep it? Please!

Speaking of keeping, Linnea ran a high fever for a stretch of days
last week. She wouldn't eat, would hardly drink anything, couldn't do
anything except lie on the couch and watch tv - or sleep. I seriously
considered driving to emergency a few times, but she remained alert
and didn't have a stiff neck or vomit. After two days and three nights
we went to the doctor (the official advice here is to get medical
attention if a fever lasts for 5 days).
With the right medication (antibiotics) she improved dramatically within 24h.
I found myself thanking modern medicine again. I shudder to think what
might have happened to her without. I can't imagine what it was like
in the past, or what mothers in less fortunate parts of the world go