Monday, December 19, 2011

Heads or tails

In brief: all is well, midwife appointment was informative, ob/gyn
appointment went very well. Am so busy with house-related projects,
will have to catch up on blogs later...

Last week I had an appointment with the midwife and then only days
later with my ob/gyn.
Both went very well.

The midwife gave me the time and space to talk about my fears of
delivery going wrong. She explained how things usually go down in the
maternity ward (sounds like they like to let nature do its thing -
under monitored conditions).
In the upcoming appointments, I can expect lots of information about
the process of childbirth, and what I can expect from the midwife
during labour and delivery.

I felt better after that appointment, able to cope (for the next 24h at least).

Anxiety was back to normal by the time I had my ob/gyn appointment.
The midwife had encouraged me to talk to my doctor about my fears - so
I did. And I'm very glad I did.

What a world of difference with our previous ob/gyn! This doctor
listened to me, he got the point and he reassured me. I don't have to
do a VBAC if I really feel I can't handle it.
A VBAC (at the hospital) is safe, so the statistics say and so his
experience confirms, but he can understand where I'm coming from.

So after quite a palaver, he did an U/S and ... we saw a baby in
breech position.
I had to smile. All that worry for nothing.

She can still turn, he said, but that's what they said about Linnea too.
We'll see.

To sum up, now I prepare for delivery doubly as if - as if this baby
will decide to turn and as if I'll attempt a VBAC.
Or, more realistically, I move the expected due date up (at least) one
week in my head.


At 20 December, 2011 04:33, Blogger Sara said...

Oh geez. Why must we always work our way through the anxiety BEFORE finding out that it was all for nothing?

Regardless, it sounds like all was well otherwise with the ultrasound, which is always good news. Good luck with the last few weeks!

At 20 December, 2011 17:59, Blogger Lollipop Goldstein said...

That's why they should do the U/S first, to save you the worry :-) I'm just glad all is well and that you're working with good people who listen to you.

At 21 December, 2011 12:16, Blogger Vee said...

Glad that everything is going well Lut. And you have a good team working with you.

At 22 December, 2011 16:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad those appointments went well, and hooray for an OB who listened to your fears and was reassuring. And what a stinker your babe is, to have you worrying only to be breech!


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