Sunday, December 11, 2011

Preparing well in advance: part II

In brief: all is well, appointment with midwife was postponed (now
scheduled for this week), this post is also about childbirth and
continues the last one.

Thanks all of you for your input! I wanted to respond to each of you
individually, but after several false starts, I give up. To start,
replying to is pointless.

My appointment with the midwife was postponed until next week ...

I am indeed preparing myself 'as if' a VBAC is a sure thing, to be
precise a VBAC in hospital accompanied by a midwife and in the final
stage an ob/gyn.

I'm not ruling out an epidural, but would want to try without (because
it can negatively affect BF, which I want to have a stab at again).

Not giving birth naturally to Linnea didn't cause me to grieve missing
that experience. Safe and sound to the other side was what counted. It
still is.
If it turns out to be another c-section, I still don't expect to feel
grief over missing out.

@Tragicoptimist: I've shied away from doing research on the risks of
VBAV versus c-section on the net - so hearing what your ob/gyn had to
say is interesting. I'll ask mine what he thinks.

@ Anon & Hopeful Mother: labouring first, then undergoing a C-section
is pretty tough, a friend of mine went through that. She doesn't
recommend it.

@ Esperanza: unfounded in fact is probably right. Emotionally real
though, but will I be able to explain that to my ob/gyn?

@ It is what it is: to me personally, delivery is a means to an end.
I'm weighing up pro's and cons.
I suppose where women are routinely pushed (cornered?) into having
C-sections, a 'natural birth movement' is bound to spring up.

@ Rachel: a birthing suite sounds great! They don't give tours of the
maternity ward any more at my hospital, in order not to disturb the
labouring women. Fair enough. But I'll have to ask the midwife whether
they have a tub.

@Anna: 1 in 100 doesn't sound so rare to me, but I suppose this
statistic is for complications occurring witn a VBAC ... not fatal
I must say, being a medical illustrator must be a tough job at times.
I think it would trigger my hypochondriac tendencies...
I appreciate the jaundice warning (I have never heard of kernicterus).
I won't be going home straight after birth and I do remember the
midwives checking for jaundice repeatedly last time.

@Sara: 27 hours?! Where do I sign for the C-section ;-)

@Jjiraffe: I hear you on the "'natural' childbirth has been getting
this right for thousands of years". The mortality rate amongst mothers
and babies in poor and developing nations is sky-high.

@Statia: I'll admit that I had to look up what vestibulitis is. Sounds
absolutely awful! If understand correctly, you surgery worked - thank

Did I miss anyone? I hope not!


At 12 December, 2011 02:15, Blogger Lollipop Goldstein said...

I think it sounds sensible -- that you have an idea of what you'd want, but you're willing to do whatever you need -- without putting one before the other.

At 12 December, 2011 04:49, Anonymous It Is What It Is said...

I agree with delivery being a means to an end. In fact, I look at adoption and ART the same way...outcome = baby (hopefully).

Baby will make an entrance, one way or another :)

(my word verification is 'lucks')

At 16 December, 2011 18:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a cesection with my son after 29 hours of labor and a VBAC 15 1/2 months later with my daughter with my OB and doula. 8 hr labor, 1 hr and 20 min of pushing.

You have to do whatever you feel comfortable with. My OB this time says the rupture risk is the same, 1/2 a percent to 1 percent and there are risks with a VBAC and also a lot of risks with another csection (infection, placenta previa etc in another pregnancy.)

Good luck!



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